Hearthstone Beginner Guide 2021

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Very basics of Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a virtual card game where the goal is to get your opponent’s hp down to zero. To do this you’re going to choose one of 10 classes and construct a 30 card deck to play with. To play a card you need a certain amount of mana which is shown on the top left image of the card. Your amount of mana is shown in the bottom right corner. This will always start at one minute and you’ll gain one mannequin for each turret with a total of 10 by turn 10. Just think of tapping for Magic except you don’t need a lens card to get the mana crystal – you get it for free.

Card types in Hearthstone


Now that you know how to play a card, let’s go over the different card types. First, let’s go over the basics of minions. A minion of the card which once played gives you an onboard…
minion. Once a minion is played, it’ll take one turn before you can attack freely with it.

In the meantime, the minion might have an effect that occurs once it sees play, like:

  • Battlecry – happens right after the card is played from your hand
  • Deathrattle – activates once a minion is destroyed

There are a lot of different effects in the game, so just simply hover over the card in either the game or in the menu and you can see what the effects do. Check more on PirateBayService about how they use minions.


Now we’re going to the basics of spells. Same with minions, each spell types have cards that synergize with each other. So make sure you try it out for all the fun possibilities.
There are two types of spells:

  • Just spells. Distinct from meanings by not having a physical presence on the board when to use them from your hand, but instead having an effect directly from your hand
  • Secrets. These are cards marked with a question mark. The secret is a hidden effect that only the person who played the secret notes.

Luckily for us, only some classes have spells so we don’t have to memorize tons of info.


Next are Weapons. Weapons are like minions, where they have an attack value but instead of health, it’s a durability value. Weapons work by giving your hero an attack value once you have an attack value. Once you attack with your weapon, it’ll lose durability. And once that durability reaches zero, the weapon breaks. Weapons are great for dealing immediate damage while keeping your minions alive, so they can deal damage to your opponent’s face. This type of card is often used by hearthstone boost teams, because it requires high skill and a bit of luck, of course.

Card Stats

Cards’ attack and health

Once you’ve played the minion, you’ll see the attack value of the minion and the health of the minion. An Attack is the amount of damage that a minion will do once it attacks something or is attacked. And Health is the amount of damage dominion can take before it’s destroyed.


You may have noticed there’s a tag at the bottom of some cards. These are the minion types of races. Depending on how you want to view them, each minion type has a different theme. For example, elementals focus on playing an elemental each turn, dragons focus on having other drags in your hand, and so on. There’s a lot of fun combinations to explore so don’t be afraid to try it all.

How do the games work in Hearthstone?

In common, at the beginning of each game, you’ll always have a coin flip to the side who goes first. The first player will start with three cards in their hand, while the second player will start with four cards in the hand and be given the coin which is just free one mana to use whenever you feel like it. After this, you have a chance to mulligan your cards, which means you have a chance to redraw or keep any cards you don’t want in your opening hand.

So make sure you’re mulling in a well because you can only ever have 10 cards in your hand and once you draw the 11th that card will be burned and just disappear. And if you run out of cards in a deck, you’re going to go into what’s called fatigue. This means for each card you draw instead of drawing a card, you’re gonna take one damage. And this one damage will increase by one point each time, so make sure you hover over your deck on the right to see how many cards are left in your deck in your hand and your opponent.

How does Play Mode work?

Each year in Hearthstone is labeled with a different animal. Two years ago was the year of the dragon, last year was the year of the phoenix, and this year is the year of the griffin. To keep the game new and fresh, every year in Hearthstone three expansions are added and these expansions have a bunch of new cards that will make the decks change.

But there’s a bunch of cards that will be in Hearthstone forever. These are in the classic and core set. Now, these years are important because when a new year comes around, the expansions from two years ago will be removed from what we call the Standard game mode. The standard game mode is just a fancy way to say the game mode where only the cards from the last two years and the core cards are able to be played. If you want to play with every card ever printed, you want to try Casual game mode. A step down from casual is a Wild mode, where all cards except for the cards in the classics that can be played.

But maybe you want to play with only the classic cards? Then you should try the Classic game mode where only the cards from the classics are used. There are ranks for every game mode in Hearthstone (except for casual), so pick your preferred game mode and try to make your hearthstone rank boosting as easy and fast as possible.