Halls of Darkness

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Halls of Darkness is a story-based horror adventure game by Unspeakable Studios.

In Halls of Darkness you traverse through eerie mansions, graveyards, caves, and more in search of your missing friend before he falls into the hands of a cult, hell-bent on offering him as a sacrifice to their god. Find different items and access different areas of several maps to unlock HoD's various playable characters with their own unique personality and point of view. But, be fast, as terrorizing events may cause you to lose sanity, spiraling yourself into dark, dark situations.

  • HP Lovecraft inspired horror story
  • Insanity Mechanic
  • Choice driven gameplay
  • Several unique and hidden endings
  • Grading System
  • In-game Achievements
  • Anime art
  • Intricate map layouts
  • Tons of replay value

The strongest impression on Halls of Darkness is that the music and sound effects of this game will cause the hair on the back of your neck stand. It'll make you feel that something is going to happen and pop out from the screen anytime. Yeah, it's quite riveting!

The game puts you as the main character who is looking for his lost friend in a mansion. You will need to explore the mansion and its surrounding such as the graveyards, caves and many different rooms. During the exploration, you will meet some characters. You have to make a decision what to do with them. Do you want to speak to them? Do you want to leave them alone? All of this will affect your ending and your character sanity level. On our first play through, we manage to get our main character insane (see screenshot) and we fail to find our friend...

Overall, Halls of Darkness is a horror adventure game to play. You will be pampered with nice anime-style graphic and captivating storyline with multiple endings. Least to say, we are looking forward to Chapter 2!

  • 5 playable characters with unique personalities

Halls of Darkness