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Arcade HTML5 Promoted Collection Retro

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Gun Roar by Rage Monster Games is an arcade game that features an endless shooter action in an RPG like environment!

Your house is destroyed by mechanical aliens! That means NO internet!

Grab your gun and let it Roar in this insane epic gun battle. Face off the invasion. Become more powerful with upgrades.

Kill aliens endlessly in an RPG like environment! Buy Guns, BIG GUNS that Roar the skies!


  • Free Gems
  • Daily rewards
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards
  • Endless Action
  • Insane Weapons
  • RPG Elements
  • Simple but fully loaded with tons of Action

Compete against the world and become the strongest this world have ever seen. Fill your rage bar and let your gun roar in this action packed arcade!

Buy epic weapons with Free gems! Face Epic RPG-like Bosses!

Die, Upgrade, Roar, Repeat!

Please note that some of the features listed above are not available on this browser playable demo.

Gun Roar is an engaging endless arcade shooter game that wraps around a significant amount of RPG element.

So, let me start with the artwork. Gun Roar boasts a beautiful pixel art, animation and effects that will definitely appeal to pixel-art fans. Then, there comes the gameplay. Initially, you'll find yourself wondering why your shots are missing the target until you find out that accuracy is part of an upgradable skill!

The action itself is nothing extraordinary. You just stay in the middle of the screen while shooting incoming aliens. Luckily, Gun Roar offers more to keep the game interesting. The ROARRR special power and the RPG upgradables are just what the game needs to separate itself from being a below average game.

Overall, collecting weapons and upgrading your abilities make Gun Roar addictive. I am certain that retro shooter fans will have a good time playing this game!

Gun Roar Demo