Guggles by Retro Sublime Games is an action platformer game where players collect coins and gain as many points as possible until they run out of lives.

Arcade Jump & Bop Platformer -- Bop the Monsters, Collect Coins -- Make your way to the end of each Level, Scoring the Highest Points possible.


  • Shift = Jump
  • Arrow keys = Movement

In a glance, Guggles looks somewhat similar to Yoshi's Island with the colorful elliptical structure. There is also some resemblance to Super Mario game from the 16-bit era.

The game is simple, move forward or jump and stomp on the enemy and make sure don't touch the enemy with any other part of your body except your feet.

Here are a list of what I would like to see more from this game:
  • Smoother and more polished animation especially when you defeat the enemy. It would be more exciting and satisfying to see the enemy squashed!
  • The character jumps unusually high, too high to my liking
  • Sticky keys kept getting activated because the jump is using SHIFT key

Overall, Guggles probably would not attract mature gamers. However, with the simple control and gameplay, it is more geared towards attracting younger gamers.

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