Green Me Puzzle Game

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Flash Promoted Collection Puzzle

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Developer's Description:
Green Me Puzzle game is a simple logic game. The only thing you have to do is make all the dots become green. (I love green).

When you touch a circle, circles around it will be changed to another color. The color transformation is
GREEN => RED => YELLOW => GREEN again.
Just 3 colors. You will lose 5 points for each touch, and 100 points when reloading a level, so play carefully.

PlayPlayFun's Impression of Green Me Puzzle Game:
Yup, like what the developer said, turn everything green! As simple as that. The game starts simple but quickly becomes mind boggling that you need to think and strategize before making your next move. One wrong move would cost you a lot of points, so take your time to plan ahead.

The puzzle is auto-generated, so you might face a different puzzle each time you play. This means nearly infinite replayability for puzzle-addicts like us!

Overall, we like the game concept and gameplay. A better design and graphics might take this game to another level.

Exclusive feature on the App version: Allow sharing app, score and rank via Facebook

Known issues: Level and Score do not appear when played on Google Chrome

Green Me Puzzle Game