Grand Theft Auto V: Still on the List of Best Games Ever

Grand Theft Auto V: Still on the List of Best Games Ever

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Grand Theft Auto V has been around for eight years, and its popularity isn’t going to fade anytime soon. While most other games get forgotten only a few years after the release, Grand Theft Auto V’s history has been one big continuing success story. So what makes the game remain at the top of sales charts? What’s its secret? Let’s take a closer look.

1. The Limitless World of Grand Theft Auto

Games usually pick one genre and try to make it as enticing as possible. But they rarely wander off to other genres. That’s not the case with GTA V that takes every popular genre and puts them in one game. That broadens the audience of the game immensely. Whether you enjoy shooters, slasher, or heist games, they’re all there in GTA V.

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2. GTA Online Expands the World of GTA V

GTA Online offers an engaging multiplayer experience. Plus, solo players can also get lots out of it. The game picks up the story laid out in GTA V while adding new characters with fascinating backstories. And who wouldn’t love a detail-rich immersive world with multiple storylines? That’s what most video game fans love about playing games and GTA delivers massively in that regard.

3. The Thrill of a Heist

Let’s be honest: we’ve all fantasized about robbing a bank at some point. Obviously, most of us would never do it, but it’s an exciting thing to think about. And the large-scale heists in GTA V give us a chance to live out that fantasy. They come with clever gameplay variety, thrilling stories, and locations akin to the real world. So anyone can put on their ski mask, grab a gun and have fun making lots of money illegally (in a safe and controlled environment).


Most Grand Theft Auto jokes revolve around the violence you can commit on the streets of Los Santos. But the game has much more to offer. It’s the boundless story world, exciting heist missions, and online expansions that make the game a bestseller for years to come. So here’s to GTA V and all the adventures in it!

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Jeffrey is a video game enthusiast and a hobby blogger. He loves writing about new games and the gaming industry in general. He loves playing Monkey Madness and GTA V with its detail-rich story world and entertaining characters. It’s been his favorite game ever since it came out eight years ago.