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Go Go Fairy Gals is an arcade shooter game with upgrades and unlockables!.

Press, Reviews and Achievements

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Game info

Release Date: 19th January 2017
Platform: iOS and Android

Go Go Fairy Gals takes place in the magic world of Rhea where the Immortal, Demon, God and Human exist since the ancient times. Every hundred-year, the King of the magic world held an exorcism competition. Representatives from each race competes to be the top exorcist and earn the rewards that enable them to power up.

Go Go Fairy Gals is an arcade shooter game where players are to maneuver the fairy around the battlefield with one finger to shoot the enemy down, while, at the same time, avoid getting hit by the black ghastly dragon.

Collect coins and items to enhance your fairy to become the champion exorcist in the magic world.


  • One finger control
  • A total of 6 unlockable fairies to play with
  • Unique skills and abilities for each fairy
  • More than 300 items to equip and use
  • Compare your score with the rest of players globally
  • Easy to learn and play
  • Item fusion and enchantment
  • Inlay gems onto items to strenghten your equipment
  • Weekly leaderboard tournament and reward
  • Daily Reward

…and more!

Go Go Fairy Gals is easy to pick up and play while showcasing numerous awesome features that will make the game an instant hit!

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