Go Fishing for Some Big Slot Wins

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It might not be the first subject that comes to your mind but fishing is a hot topic in the slot world. There are plenty of games with this theme and the latest is ‘Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax’ released by Yggdrasil.

When you go to a US digital casino, you will find an impressive selection of slot games to play. Just as is often the case with a scratchcard, players will choose the one that catches their eye to try their luck on.

Therefore the theme of a game and how it looks is of paramount importance. A slot that has a popular theme and a colorful look to it will have a good chance of success.

Just like in the movies, the dream of a slots company is to create a game that can have a sequel or two. That’s the case here with the original ‘Nice Catch’ slot proving to be popular and now comes the follow-up release.

Again, as is the case in the movieworld, you can’t just repeat the original game. There is the need to create something fresh to attract players to your new release. One way of doing that is to introduce new features that can produce big wins and entice players to try their luck on your slot.

Just why fishing is so popular a theme might be a mystery to some of you. The slots with this theme do tend to have a cartoonish look to them. This new release is no exception to the rule and it is going to catch your eye when playing slots online.

With the theme of this slot being fish, it’s not surprising that most of the action takes place underwater. Just under the surface you’ll find the DoubleMax multipliers and you’ll certainly want to catch as many of those as you can.

There are 729 ways to get a win in this slot so hopefully you’ll be able to land one when spinning the reels. When you go fishing, it’s not often the case that every fish caught is a whopping big one. It’s the same with this slot and the card symbols will produce several wins but not very large ones. Like a fisherman you do need to be patient and wait for the spin that nets the big wins.

The feature that will hopefully provide you with some good wins is entitled Doublemax. Throw in some multipliers, free spins and a Hold & Spin bonus and you can see why it’s already proving to be very popular with players. A top win of 10,000 your stake is pretty appealing too.

Symbols include plenty of fish, a diver and a chest. If they appear during the free spins round that’s great news. Why? Well it can double the multiplier that’s in play and that has to be good news.

There’s the opportunity to gamble a win and boost the amount you receive. That will certainly be good for your account balance but be careful with this feature. It’s also possible to pay an extra amount to increase your chances of getting wins via guaranteed free spins. This can cost you 100x your bet so again, don’t overdo this.

The Chief Gaming Officer of Yggdrasil is Mark McGinley. He believes that players are going to love this sequel to ‘Nice Catch.’ His view is that it “takes everything that made the original great and adds a number of lucrative features and mechanics.” That makes this slot “a fishing fiesta for all.”

Playing slots at online casinos is so entertaining. There hasn’t been the growth that has been seen in the number of US states making online casinos legal as has been the case with sports betting.

There are calls for this to change though. Over 30 US states have now made online sports betting legal and it brings them millions in gambling tax revenue. The desire to pump more cash into state coffers may prove too hard to resist.

It is beneficial for players to be able to gamble with licensed and regulated sites. There is a far higher level of customer protection available with such sites. Those operating legally have to apply for a licence and they won’t want to lose that by breaking rules.

It’s going to be interesting to see how US online gambling develops in the coming years. With top quality slots such as this one to play, it can only be entertaining and hopefully profitable.