Gnome More War

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Arcade Promoted Collection Shooting WebGL

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Gnome More War by Hobbi Games is a stationary shooter where your goal is to stop the gnomes from stealing from your barn by shooting them down as they parachute down from the opposite cliff.

There are power ups to pick up to aid you on your cause. Of course, it won't be so simple as some of these gnomes actually fight back and will try to bring you down, so not only do you have to protect your barn, you have to protect yourself as well.

What's New:

  • Gnomes can now be shot down. Shooting parachutes just gives extra points
  • A third map has been added (Kodama Port), along with two thematic Gnome types: Pirate Captain and Buccaneer gnomes
  • Sand Gnome added as a special enemy type for the Desert Hideout map
  • Gnome Tinker added as a special enemy type for the Freija's Garden man
  • Added map selection before starting the game
  • Added a tutorial for basic game controls

What's next?
  • Leaderboards
  • Highscore recording
  • Some sort of summary screen that would show the enemy count you successfully shot down
  • Two more maps to complete a set of five, each with their special enemy type

Gnome More War is a shooter game where you are perched on a moving bucket shooting at gnomes who try to steal your provision.

Gnome More War features cute, colorful and attractive graphics. Do you remember when you are on the street and see an attractive individual passing by that forces you to turn your head? Gnome More War turns my head to look at the artwork.

As soon as you start the game, gnomes will start jumping and coming down on a parachute to steal your food. Be sure to shoot them so that they fall to their death (cruel as it seems, but the village gotta eat!). There are various of power ups to help you defeat the gnomes that will also fall down for you to shoot and collect. However, don't get comfortable yet as more and more gnomes will appear and they are even faster than the previous gnomes. There are other type of gnomes as well that will make your battle more interesting in the latter waves.

As fun as it is, I notice a few things that could be improved:
  • Shift key to accelerate the speed of the bucket is awkward, I would suggest double tap on "W" and "S" key to speed up
  • Negative status effect seems to last forever
  • The first few waves are a bit too long for introductory level

Overall, Gnome More War as it is now looks promising and has lots of potential. I will be following closely to the development of this game in the future!

Gnome More War