Games of the Month September 2015

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With over 40 games submitted, posted and reviewed in the month of September, we are having a difficult time to pick the top 5 games that can represent our Games of the Month September 2015. What’s exciting about September is that we received a more diverse game genres such as adventure, puzzles, arcade and retro games. So, without much delay, here are our picks:

Honorable mentions: Halls of Darkness, Lightning Duru, Skullshot, 360 flap, Sabotaz Inc.

5. Super Grav by DemonStudios

Inspired by the 8-bit and 16-bit era of gaming, Super Grav is an extended remake of DemonStudios founder James Shaughnessy’s very own first game and 1998 Net Yaroze coverdisc hit, Gravitation. With lots of enjoyable gameplay elements such as weapon upgrades and dogfighting, it is hard to ignore Super Grav.

4. Message Quest by Maria Kravtsova

Message Quest is shaping up to be a solid point-n-click adventure game with its humour, unique stained-glass mosaic art style and multiple mini games. They are on Steam Greenlight. Go to the link below and support them by giving them a thumbs up!

Steam GreenLight

3. ROP by

ROP is a beautiful minimalist puzzle game with an intriguing gameplay. The little extra animation of rope jiggles when you drag it goes a long way to enhance the gameplay experience. ROP boasts 100,000-500,000 installs in Google Play.

2. Circle Brothers by Jakoma

There’s no better way to practice your dodging skills with a couple of adorably cute brothers. Control Greenie and Blar and avoid barrages of bubbles that are shot from various direction in variable patterns.

1. MILITIA by Brickroaddx

Militia features a simple presentation with complex gameplay battle that is perfect for strategy gamers. It has enough variety and replayability to keep you going for a long time. What’s more is that the expansion scenario called, tentatively, Dark World is coming exclusively into Steam version of Militia. Don’t forget to vote for their Greenlight on steam!


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