Games of the Month October 2015

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We are glad to announce that we saw more than 40 games submitted in the month of October 2015. We have a record number of different genres submitted this month that prompted us to expand our menu and categories to cater these new submission. Finally, we would like to thank all the developers who have submitted their games to our site to help us grow.

Honorable mentions: Amazing Ants, Noname Knight 3, Keys to Success, Zombie Town Helicopter Sniper, Strongerman.

5. Axuo by Pizzamakesgames

This is the game that you wish it was available on the Gameboy back in the days. For such a seemingly simple game, Axuo boasts strategy gameplay element that is easy to understand and yet challenging to play as each levels are randomly generated. Tons of replayability!

Axuo Game Guide

4. Darkland by Gudo Games

Darkland is a hidden gem in a puzzle/platformer game category. The addition of shadows in the art-style improves Darkland from a standard minimalist game to a much more elegant platformer. This game is a must try for fans of the genre.

3. iO: A Physics Platformer by Gamious

iO: A Physics Platformer is fun to play and a pleasure to watch. We love the fact that when the ball is shrunk, it gains speed and when it is at the biggest, it does not travel as fast. This is one of the keys in solving the puzzles!

2. Infinitrap by ShadeBobGames

Infinitrap features some of the most awesome to watch pixel-art death scenes that you might kill the character intentionally just to see his demise. The puzzles in Infinitrap are clever and they are a joy to play. Try the free demo to find out more!

1. Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey by Bacon Bandit Games

A game that prompts us to confess our love for it on twitter definitely deserves the top place this month! If you haven’t tried it yet, try it now!