Games of the Month November 2015

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Another month has passed and another set of more than 40 games have been posted at This month, we are proud to announce that our first mobile games, Tales of Clicker Knights RPG, will be published sometime in December 2015. It is a joined effort between PlayPlayFun and Zemat Studio. If you want to know more about publishing with us, don’t hesitate to contact us to know more.

In the mean time, here are the top 5 picks from the games that we posted in November 2015.

5. Davey Bones’ Spooky Jaunt by Gypopothomas

This is one of the best action platformer games I have ever played. The control, the animation and art-style are top notch. It is not surprising coming from a talented developer who released Strongerman. Too bad, however, that the game is too short.

4. The Hit Car by Quantized Bit

The Hit Car has been a hit since it was first posted at our site. There’s always something satisfying plowing through aliens, robots and zombies with your truck. The graphics also makes it easy to like the game!

3. Infinity Loop: Blueprints by Estoty Entertainment LLC

This game presents some of the more mesmerizing puzzle gameplay. Its minimalist concept gels well with the game where you have to create an endless loop from a given set of puzzle pieces. I bet you won’t stop at playing with only one level the first time you try this game!

2. Shadow of Orkdoor by RazorMonkey

Shadow of Orkdoor is an archery treat for retro, shooting and fantasy game fans. The action is fun and the enemies’ variety is great. Shadow of Orkdoor is perfect for a quick fun game of archery. Who knows, you might become as good as Legolas!

1. Shipwreck by Johannes Tscholl

With retro style graphics and solid gameplay, Shipwreck snatches top pick of the month of November. The game simulates survival struggles that a shipwreck survivor might face. The challenges feel all too real. Where should I build a shelter? Should I stay put or explore? Give this demo version of Shipwreck a try and you’ll see what I mean.