Games of the Month July / August 2015

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Welcome to our inaugural Games of the Month award. Every month, we will look back on all the web playable games submitted to our site and decide which ones excites us the most. These are the games that are responsible for taking my too much time away from posting more games and writing more reviews.

This edition includes July and August 2015 because we do not want to alienate July’s addition. So, without further delays, here are PlayPlayFun’s countdown of top 5 games from the month of July and August 2015 that deserve the accolade of Games of the Month :

5. E5 Car Driving Game by Nexx Mobile

What not to love about this game? It has Cute and elegant isometric view style graphic. It also has eye-pleasing car designs. Moreover, with the new addition of Night Mode (only on the app version), it adds a new depth to the gameplay.

4. Oh! I’m Gettin’ Taller! Game by ElfGamesWorks

A game about growing up starting from when you are crawling and progress slowly to adulthood. Plenty of places to explore and a good number of puzzles to solve. We love the art-style effect as it draws as you are moving. Game ending largely depends on your in-game decision.


3. Neogen Fallout by FredBear Games

Catchy music coupled with neon light design? Yes, it’s a win for me. Moreover, the developer adds on animation effects to the game that really enhances the game play experience. With 100,000+ installs on Google Play, you can’t go wrong!

2. UPong by Breta Games

Upong is highly addictive and hard to put down because of the numerous varieties of the obstacles that players will face. Familiar control and gameplay make UPong easy to pick up for everybody. UPong gives you the feeling of – “Try one more game, I am sure I can do better”.

1. Steps by Inner Rocket Interactive

Steps is seemingly simple in a glance. However, players will quickly learn that Steps is a well design game that requires planning, strategizing and a lot of thinking ahead. We can only hope that Steps will come out for Google Play and App Store soon!