Games of the Month January 2016

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January 2016 is a promising month for our game, Monday Night Monsters Football which stayed within top 25 under Paid Sports games category on Google Play US.

On the other hand, is reaching a new milestone by gathering more than 50,000 page views since its launched. With this, we would like to say thank you for the support from both developers and players. We hope to continue to bring in more totally free and ad-free browser playable games and demos while publishing more quality games on both Google Play and iTunes Store in the future. Stay tune for more games in the coming months!

Now, without further delay, here are the top 5 Games of the Month for January 2016:


5. Puppy Stew by El Jay Play

Cute graphics and theme, tons of mini games to play, Puppy Stew is a game where you don’t expect to play longer than 5 minutes until you realize that 1 hour has passed by!

4. Digger a Quest for Hidden Gems by Studio Craft

Digger A Quest for Hidden Gems is cave exploration game with match-3 game mechanic. Every level players will face certain goals to meet and they will need to plan and strategize to meet the goals. Besides, it is exciting to dig for treasure and not knowing what you will get!

3. Sling a Kitty by Pocappstudios

Sling a Kitty is an addictive physics based puzzle game with tons of levels and challenges. Players are to aim and sling a hapless kitten so that it can be reunited with its parents. It uses a slinging action similar to Angry Birds where players need to adjust the power and trajectory of the shots.

2. Pichon by Indie Ghost

It is not easy not to like Pichon. The character features a cute art-style with a very very bouncy belly. All you need to do in this game is to bounce left and right to navigate through the level and reach the goal. It’s that simple and yet addictive and captivating!

1. Cubiline by David De Anda

Recently released on Google Play, Cubiline is one solid remake and revamp of the classic Snake Byte game. With 3D platform to navigate, Cubiline truly gives Snake Byte, literally and figuratively, a new dimension in the genre!

Developers, if you have a browser playable games (demo or lite or full), please submit to us. We will review and feature your game on our site for Free. Who knows, your game might be selected as our Top 5 Games of the Month!