Games of the Month December 2015

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December 2015 marked the debut for PlayPlayFun to publish our first mobile game, Tales of Clicker Knights RPG. The reception was good. It reaches 1,000 downloads within the first 10 days of its released. Thank you for all the fans support for our debut game!

In the mean time, December 2015 also also proved to be popular for point and click adventure games as we received a relatively high number of submission of the genre. So, without further waiting, let’s check out the games of month December 2015!

5. Eat Sheep & Die by Connor Westrope

Don’t discount Eat Sheep & Die just because it is rapidly developed. You will be missing a huge amount of fun if you skip this game. It is definitely a game that is worth trying!

4. Monster Treasure Adventure by Axial Brain

If you like Candy Crush Saga and Pop Star, I can’t find a reason why you would not like Monster Treasure Adventure. It is a solid Match 3 game with plenty of depth and replayability. There are also monsters to collect!

3. Ricochet Heroes by Spotcos

Ricochet Heroes is one of the rare game that dares to be different. It is a fusion between Pinball and RPG games. The hero is the ball where you have to aim to either a place or monsters using the flippers. Even if you don’t like both Pinball and RPG, you should try this game that combines both. It is definitely one of the most unique gaming experience I have had for a long time.

2. After School by Ateliersento

Yes, the game is short, too short, really! But it doesn’t mean that the game is bad. After School is one of the finest point and click adventure game that I have played. It is the story, mystery and unique art-style that place this game on the second spot!

1. Mighty Dragons by Bert Games

Mighty Dragons deserves to clinch the first and more attention in the app and google play store. Mighty Dragons takes on an arcade shooter game combined with a deep RPG elements with tons of upgradables. This is the game that is definitely worth a try!

Developers, if you have a browser playable games (demo or lite or full), please submit to us. We will review and feature your game on our site for Free. Who knows, your game might be selected as our Top 5 Games of the Month!