Gambling Elements in Popular MMO Games

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Ever since, massively multiplayer online games (also known as MMOs) surely have a long way to go. It has existed for many years and is still developing as generations pass by as well. The multiplayer online games of today are no longer more complicated and diversified than they have ever referred to in the past, with game developers offering players a diverse range of features and mechanisms to experiment with. Gambling is another crash of the ugliness of recency that has escalated over the years. Massive multiplayer online games, as a particular variety, usually have gambling components that may feature in various ways. Among the available games, specific currencies could be used in certain ones for participants to play for real money. We will now have a more detailed look into some of the dominant gambling features that are generally provided in massively multiplayer online games.

1. Similarities With Video Slots

The expression “multiple-player online role-playing games” (MMORPGs) is a set of a series of browser-based video games or video games in which most players compete with others in a virtual environment. Nowadays, people can enjoy these virtual environments even if they are not actually near the game since it is possible to play them even if the user is not physically present at the game’s location. The making of that player character is the ultimate reason why the video game has been developed in the first place. The gamer who has played games for a long time and has a competitive experience will have an easier time finding this option. It is quite technically that MMORPGs and video slots are different, but they have aspects in common. The factor that numerous videos are against is that many video slots have fantasy and magical themes, which might be compared to the ones of massively multiplayer online role-playing games. You will not doubt it if you enjoy the latter.

2. Gambling Elements in Massive Multiplayer Online Games

Diverse specifics of the gaming world are embedded, having a contraction effect on gamblers. Here are a few typical ones:

  • Loot boxes: One technique involves you buying these virtual boxes with real currency or obtaining them by playing a game, and the contents are likely random things or money. Youkers receive an adrenaline-pumping experience when they flip the lid of their envelopes, and they are in doubt what precious or uncommon things these may be.
  • Systems for Gacha: All of them, despite their specific mechanics, share a common mindset of what they do, which is similar to opening treasure boxes. To play the Gacha games, users can use their real money or do so virtually. The reward is a random encounter – the characters or items with certain attributes and levels of rarity.
  • Trade in-game currency for cash: Besides the virtual currency, players who have rare digital items within the game’s setting will try the product outside the construct of the game in marketplaces.

3. Popular Games That Consist of Gambling Elements

The weapon upgrade level within the Lineage 2 game, for example, is just half a job when the class has relied upon or has already owned excellent weapons. In Lineage 2 fairy tale, the idea of weapon-fixing is understood by all players. There is a strong chance you have to perform a lot of trials before finding the best position. Our necessities are rather unified along the lines of upgrading our weapons with a particular type of scrolls and resources. You can only safely sharpen to a +4 angle since beyond this creates risk. Roulette itself begins when the game starts. In case of it, the missile would break into pieces after it failed, which means a new beginning. The developers also added scrolls that would let you take off the risk of losing weapons with time after the launch of the game. It means that if it was not right, it just did something to try again. This word means something that didn’t work, didn’t break – it just went back to the perfection steps. Sharpening weapons sharpens one of the game’s most risky features. Perhaps the most beautiful things are made overnight, and sometimes out of the simplest materials with no cost at all. But, on the other hand, having materials, money, and chance at disposal to +16 degree of weapon’s sharpness.

4. Where Gambling in Massively Multiplayer Online Games Stands Legally?

The MMO world lottery is gray in many countries’ laws, and it differs from one jurisdiction to another. Gambling is heavily regulated in many places, and thus only a few people with the right license can run this gambling business. Though some parts of the world do not allow any form of gambling in some areas, the phenomenon is banned. Whether the inclusion of simulated gambling activities in massively multiplayer online games is considered legal or not, is the jurisdiction authorities’ hard issue to decide and come up with an answer. These approaches which are designed to curb gambling according to some members of society, should be treated as such and regulated by applicable laws. On the other hand, some have articulated that the mechanics of these digital machines do not constitute gambling, and therefore it may not require any regulation. The complexity and global nature of the games could pose challenges to regulating gambling in massively multiplayer online role-playing games.


Most of the multiplayer online games are still very popular nowadays and some of them already have gambling features, often fulfilled in multiple ways. Some say it is these kinds of features that bring excitement to the game, others also say that gambling during the game may lead to addiction. Gamblers need to play responsibly and be aware of the possible risks involved. Helps can be addressed by those individuals who are bedeviled by compulsive gambling or other problems associated with wagering, whatever it may be. Keep risk to a minimum and have a good time while gaming hours.