Fun Games to Play with Your Daughter

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If you’ve been wondering what fun games to play with your daughter, you’re not alone. There are so many toys and activities out there, that finding something fun to play with together can be tricky. But with the right kind of game, there’s no limit to what she can do. Here are a few of our favorite fun games to get her playing today.

I Spy

The game I Spy uses two simple rules. First, you spy something that is interesting. Something within the room or your peripheral vision. Second, you tell your daughter about it by giving her a clue or hint. From there your child has to guess what the object is that you “spied on”.

Typically the phrase, “I spy with my little eye” is how the game is started. You can keep giving them clues until they guess what the object is in case they are stumped. Then you can take turns with them.

Hide and Seek

This has always been a popular game for children to play. Simple enough. The seeker closes their eyes and counts to a set amount, usually something like 100. Within that time the other person then goes and hides from the seeker. Once the seeker is done counting they usually pronounce, “ready or not, here I come”. At which point they start seeking out the other person who is hiding from them.

If they cannot find the person hiding and “give up”, the hider wins. If they do find the person hiding, the seeker wins. Depending on how good one is at hiding, this game can take a while. You can take turns with your daughter seeking and then hiding from each other.


There are probably multiple ways to play this, by the most common is a deck of cards you can purchase that have several matching pairs of pictures on the cards. You flip the cards over to where the pictures can’t be seen and mix up the cards and then lay them out. Let your daughter flip over the cards, two at a time, and try to remember where they saw a matching pair of cards.

You can go back and forth with your daughter, trying to find the matching pairs of cards. Look out though, because your “Memory” might have trouble remembering those pairs!

Play with Puzzles

There’s nothing like dumping out a box of 500 puzzle pieces and spending an evening trying to put together that masterpiece of a unicorn, kitten, or an action setting of Marvel’s The Avengers.

This is something that you with your daughter or as a whole family can do at one time. Piece by piece, build out those corners until you can start filling out the whole puzzle. Spending the evening (or a couple of) bonding and creating something together.

Putting together puzzles of any size and finishing them is quite an amazing task for a child. It’s never a bad idea to go the extra step as a parent and reward her successes with a gift for her accomplishment.

If the puzzle is large enough and assuming you didn’t lose any pieces, you can put the puzzle in a frame. This could be a constant reminder of fun times spent together that when you see it, you’ll cherish those memories.

Have a Family Game Night

Boys are competitive. But don’t be fooled, when it comes to playing board games, girls are just as fierce. There are just so many great games to play when it comes to the board variety. I’ll list out a few that I know girls enjoy just as much as anyone.


Children have a way with words. When you play a game like Scrabble, you better expect them to make up their own also! I can say with first-hand experience, that as an adult I usually stay away from Scrabble. There’s nothing more humbling than losing a word game and only coming up with words like “run” and “it”. But little girls love word games.


There’s something about the thrill of taking all your parent’s money for a child, albeit it’s a lot better as the parent when it is Monopoly money. Little girls love playing this one with their parents. The little icons, the dice, and owning Park Place. Just watch out for those hotels!


This is a no-brainer. Your daughter more likely has an artistic side. Playing a game such as Pictionary gives her the chance to compete and draw all while spending time with her loved ones. You might just find out you have an aspiring artist in your family.

Final Thoughts On Fun Games to Play with Your Daughter

Playfulness is one of the qualities that makes parents and daughters so close.

I hope that this guide will give you some ideas on fun games to play with your daughter. Some of the games mentioned here are ones that I played with my daughters when they were younger, and I know they were fun for our family.