Free Games to Play Alone

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If you have replayed all your favorite games such as Madalin Stunt Cars 3, and do not know what to play now, then we have prepared a unique selection of the best Free Games, especially for you.

Zombie Shooter 2

This is a unique mixture of two computer games genres – action and role-playing games. Each player can choose a character to their liking, gain experience to improve skills, earn money and spend it on weapons, medicines, and useful gadgets. All this will be used against thousands of enemies. Zombies will fill the game screen, not allowing you to relax for a minute.

Imagine that you arrive in an unfamiliar city and see that it is almost destroyed, and all its inhabitants have turned into zombies. What are you going to do? Find helpers, organize a large-scale rescue campaign, or… Try to get out of the situation and use your last chance to save your loved one!

Royal Defense: Ancient Menace

Hordes of orcs, werewolves, sorcerers, skeletons, and other evil spirits march along the roads of the kingdom. On their way – only a small garrison of the outpost of the army of dwarves, but he will fight to the end! Arrange your weapons in predetermined positions, test your magical arsenal and take the fight!

To cope with the attacks of the orcs on the kingdom, the dwarves need to build the right defense. To do this, you need to place the guns in predetermined places and carefully monitor the course of the battle to strengthen one or another section of the battle in time.

Using money and magic crystals obtained in battle, each type of weapon can be improved by enhancing its characteristics or completely changing the model of the weapon. In addition, you will have a set of several magic spells that can deal considerable damage to the enemy at a certain interval.

The motley army of orcs consists of a variety of creatures, each of which has its characteristics. Sorcerers, wyverns, skeletons, ice, and fire giants – to find their weaknesses, you need to have an enviable reaction and iron nerves!

Star Defender 4

Aliens from the planet Insects have recovered from a crushing defeat and are preparing a new invasion of Earth. You travel to the Darkfog galaxy, where a large cluster of enemy spacecraft has been discovered.

There is no connection with the headquarters, so in this battle, you will have to act alone. Luckily, you’ll be able to resupply weapons and power armor right on the battlefield. To do this, you just need to pick up bonuses that fall out of the broken ships of the enemy.

In this arcade, you will find many glorious battles. Ahead – more than 100 levels and 8 dangerous missions, and at the end of each – and uncompromising duel with an armored boss. With colorful graphics and thoughtful sound design inspired by the best space shooters, Star Guardian 4 will appeal to kids and adults alike.

Alien Wars

The story of the game takes place two years after the events of Super Contra in the year 2636 when the Red Falcon army from the previous games resumes its massive land assault. Bill Reiser and Lance Bean of Team Contra arrive in a devastated Neo City to stop the enemy invasion.

Following the tradition of Operation C, the player’s default weapon is an automatic machine gun, and all weapons use automatic fire. The arsenal consists of familiar and new guns. The firearm is now a flamethrower and the laser is not as awkward to use by firing beams in sequence. The new weapon that can crush missiles is the most powerful, but with a limited range.

The player can choose between 3 difficulty settings (Easy, Normal, or Hard) and choose the starting number of lives (3, 5, or 7). Difficulty determines various game factors such as the strength and aggressiveness of the enemies and the speed of their attacks. The good ending, however, is only achieved through hard mode. While the run-and-gun element of its predecessors is retained and quite prominent, Contra III puts an increased emphasis on boss fights. This change is specially reinforced in its sequels, Contra: Hard Corps and Contra: Shattered Soldier.

All Evil Night

In the city of Evilween, there are numerous reports of monsters infesting the streets and requests for help. You are sent to check what is going on. On the way, you fall under a rockfall and knock down something that suddenly ran out onto the road. When you come to your senses, you notice that something terrible is standing on the road, with which you have never had to meet. This something, remotely resembling a person, is hiding in the night. Unable to go further, you decide to find out what it was. You will visit gloomy forests, dark caves, and a cemetery, go down to crypts, and meet monsters from your nightmares.


Imagine that you are in the Middle Ages, during the castles, knights, and crusades. Now imagine that you are a brilliant commander in your army.
Are you ready to spend hours on end with your iPad, capturing enemy fortresses, and lands and creating an invincible army?
This addictive game is unique in its genre, combining simulation and strategy elements with resource management. Get ready to complete exciting levels in forests, deserts, snows and even flying islands!

We hope that these games will give you pleasure and you will be able to fully enjoy the gameplay.

Each of them is unique in its way, you can choose a genre based on your preferences or try something completely unusual for you. Their developers will try to create an atmosphere and a plot that will capture you from the first minute. Management is quite simple, especially if you are a professional, you can quickly figure it out. But newbies don’t have to worry.

If you have enough free time, we advise you to try to play each game from the list. Download Games and enjoy. You won’t regret it.