Four Things to Look Out for in an Online Casino

Four Things to Look Out for in an Online Casino

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Online gambling is an incredibly popular pastime. With the internet industry worth a reputed $59 billion, it’s estimated that there are around 1.6 billion gamblers in the United States alone. This means there are an awful lot of individuals who are actively gaming, and each one is looking for a casino that suits them.

While the right provider will vary from person to person, there are certain factors that make some casinos preferable to others. To help you keep an eye out for them, here’s our rundown of four essential requirements that any casino worth its salt should be able to offer.

Proper regulation and licensing

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Above and beyond any other factor included on this list, the online provider you choose to use should be properly regulated and licensed. This ensures that it’s not only safe and trustworthy but that it has to abide by certain rules that make gaming fair both for you and the casino. Importantly, it also means you have some recourse should a dispute arise, with an impartial and efficient body existing to protect your rights.


While most licensed and regulated casinos will, by their nature, be reputable, we’re not necessarily talking about playing by the rules here – when we refer to ‘reputability’, we mean the casino you use should come recommended by other players and third-party reviewers.

So, how can you find an unbiased source to seek their opinion? Directory sites are your friends here. Manned by those who understand what it takes to make a good casino, they offer helpful insights into what you can expect from a particular provider, as well as sharing lots of special promotions and bonuses to save you money.

Flexible withdrawal and deposit methods

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Also important is the third factor on this list: that the provider you choose should offer flexible withdrawal and deposit methods. For those who aren’t too bothered about waiting for funds to clear, this is less essential than the other points listed, but we still find it useful.

Ideally, you want to look for a casino where instant bank transfers are accommodated. As explains, this type of banking is the fastest way to deposit money at internet sites, as well as to receive it if you have winnings to withdraw. This means you never have to sit on your hands when what you really want is to be playing, and that you won’t be disappointed if you desire immediate access to your earnings.

Attractive RTPs

Last but not least, we’d recommend looking at the titles on offer before you commit to your chosen provider. Not only do you want to assess the variety available and whether these particular games and developers appeal to you, but also the RTP rates.

As a rule, games with a higher percentage carry a lower risk of loss, although they do tend to come with less attractive prizes overall. This means that the sort of figure you should be looking for will depend on the level of risk you’re comfortable with courting.

Why not use our four top tips today to find the perfect casino site for you?