Fortune Memory Demo

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Arcade Promoted Collection Unity

GAME ENGINE: Unity BROWSER: Unity Web Player installed (Firefox is recommended) PROBLEMS? Click here for solutions

Fortune Memory by IndieYP is a game where your main weapon is your memory.

Your main weapon - the memory. Only consistency in practice will allow your character to survive and overcome any stressful situation. How long can you hold out? Get higher scores to unlock new locations in Fortune Memory and beat everyone in the leaderboard!


  • Directional arrows Up, Down, Left and Right
  • Mouse swipe DOES NOT work

Fortune Memory is basically a memory game much like Simon Says, where you have to remember and repeat the sequence.

Please note that this is a demo version which includes only 2 unlockable areas and without achievement and leaderboard feature.

Fortune Memory features pixel art style which gives retro vibes. The setting of the game is interesting in that players are to avoid death by correctly answering the memory sequence. If you fail, death is coming for you in various form. For example, in the construction zone, you'll be crushed by a steel bar. It's for you to find out how else you will die in other areas if you fail to repeat the correct sequence :)

The thing that bothers me, however, the sequence's length from round to round does not seem to be following a linear progressive difficulty progression. It was 3 arrows in the first round while it jumps to 5 arrows in the second. On the third round is jumps down to only 4 arrows. Maybe this is something intended. If so, it would be best to show the total number of arrows to be shown each round as reference for the players.

Overall, if you are a fan of Simon Says, I would recommend you to try Fortune Memory. I have yet able to score more than 100 to unlock the second area. Then again, I am know to have such a short memory.

Fortune Memory Demo