Fortnite’s Rare Gliders: An Exploration

Fortnite’s Rare Gliders: An Exploration

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Ever since I first played Fortnite more than a decade ago (when the latter made its debut), I have seen it earn enormous popularity, all thanks to its uncomplex gameplay. Not to mention, all one has to do is just enter battles, collect loot, create structures that provide protection against enemies, and also eradicate enemies in the process.

Items are of great importance in the game!

Items too play their irreplaceable part in the gameplay, with gliders being the most sought-after items. The very reason behind this is, that these gliders enable me (Fortnite players, to be precise) to soar through the skies, and parachute directly into the war zone.

As a result, these gliders have become a prized possession in the whole process, in other words, super rare and hard to get. Through this article, I will bring to your attention some of the rarest gliders that I have learned about during my stint as a Fortnite player. Additionally, you can visit CSGOSmurfNinja and learn more about these skins. Appreciably, these online platforms enable you to buy fortnite accounts at affordable prices.

A Thorough Insight Into The Fortnite Gliders

Gliders are a mode of transportation that empower players to air travel in Fortnite. They start their task unasked, as soon as a player makes a jump from the Battle Bus, when the game has just begun. I often redeploy them during my Fortnite gaming sessions by pressing the jump button mid-air. But remember to ensure that you have enough height above the ground. Also, there are plenty of fortnite accounts for sale on online platforms like CSGOSmurfNinja, that allow you to access the complete repository of these gliders.

List of Fortnite’s Rarest Gliders

1. Beast Brella

Highly desired by Fortnite players!

The Beast Brella stands on the top of my list, all because literally only 100,000 Fortnite players are in the possession of this glider, making it extremely rare in the process! The reason being, that Epic Games gave this glider, as a reward to the first 100,000 players successful in completing, open to all, Mr Beast Extreme Survival Challenge in Creative Mode.

Even I myself have been looking to get my hands on this one for the past few years, but to no avail. The reason being, this is a not for sale glider, hence it will never make its Fortnite Item shop debut. But yes, there are a good amount of chances that fortnite accounts for sale on online platforms, like the ones whom I mentioned above, can get you this glider.

2. Stealth Pivot

The Stealth Pivot glider came along as a part of the bundle for players who bought GeForce GTX graphics card, a Nvidia product. To be precise, back in 2017, anyone who bought this graphics card was given a code. And that code could be exchanged for 2,000 V Bucks, along with a complete Counterattack cosmetic bundle. Notable parts of the bundle included:

  • Reflex Outfit
  • Stealth Pivot Glider
  • Angular Axe
  • Response Unit Back Bling

Also, being a short-term special edition bundle, only a few players ever use, or own this bundle. To your respite, the regular edition Pivot glider still gives competition to the rare glider, but its stealth version is invisible these days. Off-course, when you buy fortnite accounts from our platform, there you will see a lot of fortnite accounts for sale offering this skin.

3. Discovery Glider

The Discovery Glider is a glider that left me in awe, when it made its initial debut. You cannot purchase it from the Item Shop, or get it unlocked along with the Battle Pass. Yes, it was free for the players owning a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, or Galaxy Note 9, back in November 2018. This is that very reason, because of which Galaxy skin is still counted amongst one of the rarest ones in the game history at present. Additionally, you will notice stars shifting through the skies, as you float in the air, making it one of the most visually striking gliders in the game.

Some Basic Information About V-Bucks

Talking about the money that we use in this game, V-Bucks is the one! One thing unique about them, is that we can use them both in Battle Royale and Creative modes to buy modifications, like emotes, gliders, and outfits. The basic value of one V-buck is US cent, and you have to buy at least 1000 of them by paying 10 US dollars. Below is the price chart for V-Bucks in the USA:

  • 8.99 USD for 1,000 V-Bucks
  • 22.99 USD for 2800 V-Bucks
  • 36.99 USD for 5000 V-Bucks
  • 89.99 USD for 13,500 V-Bucks

Note: These V-Bucks can be bought through the in-app store, or from several online platforms like CSGOSmurfNinja, but there are restrictions when it comes to moving them across various platforms.

Final Words

As has been the case, this is Bye for today, till we meet again! But before I close the session, below is the summary of all that I shared with you below. Above were some of the rarest gliders in Fortnite history, ever since it made its debut, with Beast Brella being the rarest one. Yes, sometimes even I myself consider myself unlucky, unable to get a chance to try any of these.

On the contrary, if you are in the possession of one or more of these, then you are one of the special Fortnite players! Because, no matter whether you are a novice, or an experienced player, being in possession of even one of these gliders makes you stand apart from the rest of the Fortnite crowd.