Final Fantasy XIV Guide – How to Earn Gil Fast and Make More Money

Final Fantasy XIV Guide – How to Earn Gil Fast and Make More Money

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Developers did a great job on every aspect of Final Fantasy XIV to offer you gorgeous gameplay. Having said means, the gameplay is addictive and keeps you engaged for endless hours of fun.

Besides that, we jump in to help you earn FFXIV Gil fast and make more in-game currency. Before starting, you should keep in mind that there are several methods available you can use to make Gil; however, some require a lot of time; meanwhile, some methods help you make in-game currency fast. The rest of the methods involve risk and require you to spend Gil to make Gil.

How to Earn FFXIV Gil Fast – Best Tips and Tricks

We’ve added some best methods for you to follow to earn in-game currency fast. Although some are challenging when comes to making FFXIV Gil, they are rewarded.

FFXIV Daily Roulette and Weekly Challenges

One of the best methods to earn in-game currency is to do Daily Roulette and Weekly Challenges, although they are also great to obtain Class Experience. In case you are eager to increase Gil, then you can get that from Duty Roulette; however, ensure the character you are playing with belongs to Adventurer Class. Apart from that, you can go with Healers and Tanks as they are the only class that helps you get a Gil bonus.

Do Crafting and Gather Resources in FFXIV

If you are dreaming to be rich in FFXIV by stacking up Gil, then you should struggle to find a job for yourself. The game introduces dozens of choices to opt-out, including the following:

  • Weaver
  • Culinarian
  • Carpenter
  • Botanist
  • And more.

While lots of professions involve you crafting items, some jobs are focused on collecting materials. Collecting materials by navigating the land is the best and easy source to generate income, as it is always in demand. Usually, crafters prefer to purchase materials, instead of embarking on a journey to search for them; therefore, all types of materials are available to sell on the market.

Learn and Study the Market board

Surely, you will level up your resources and crafted items, but what’s about the most profitable item trending on the board. In short, if you ask about the most profitable item, then the solution isn’t easy to explain as the market relies on the demand and supply rule that changes from time to time. Therefore, we suggest you keep checking the Market Board before making any decision. You only need to tap the item you are willing to sell and see how many other players have the same item and want to sell and at what price. You can earn Gil by selling your items at the market.

FFXIV Treasure Maps

Usually, Treasure Maps can be collected from the Disciples of the Lands. After collecting, you can sell them at the market to earn in-game Gil. Once you touch level 36 and complete the quest “Treasures and Tribulations,” the game will unlock all maps for you. Before going ahead, you should keep in mind that you are only allowed to keep one Treasure Map at your disposal. So, here we suggest you send the rest of the maps to your friend by mail to keep them stored for a long-time. Lots of many other ways can be used to earn FFXIV Gil.