Feature: Role Model Films and Fairy Tales

Feature: Role Model Films and Fairy Tales

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Who says that slot machines have to take gamblers to exotic and fantastic worlds? Films, series and fairy tales can also provide the setting for hopes of a big payout. Especially successful film series like “Jurassic Park”, “Star Trek” or “Indiana Jones” are popular motifs.

Slot machines based on successful films & series

If you don’t know much about slot machines, you might think of one-armed bandits, coins to feed slot machines, lots of bling-bling and rotating fruit symbols. But the world of slots is more diverse than the layman assumes. The choice is huge, and the thematic range is also very wide. Slots such as Book of Ra are considered classics for a reason, and their themes appeal to many players. With the help of stay casino free spins, everyone can make sure of this and, if they are lucky, collect riches from one of the treasuries of Egypt.

But not only magnificent ancient cultures such as those of the pharaohs or the Romans, not only exotic underwater adventures or strange and fantastic worlds form the content framework of slot machines. Numerous slots are also based on successful films, series and fairy tales. They enjoy great popularity among players and fortune seekers. A well-known and popular template leads to a recognition effect in the slot adaptation, which in turn ensures a high entertainment value of the game. In the following, we present the best-known slots based on successful films, series and timeless fairy tales.

“Jurassic World” – Model: “Jurassic World

The “Jurassic Park” films are among the most successful film series. The cornerstone of success was laid by a literary model: Michael Crichton’s “DinoPark”. Director legend Steven Spielberg turned the romantic thriller into “Jurassic Park” in 1993. Several sequels follow, including “Forgotten World: Jurassic Park” (1997) and “Jurassic Park 3” (2001), also directed by Spielberg. The second trilogy is titled “Jurassic World” and continues the storyline with “Jurassic World” (2015), “Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom” (2018) and “Jurassic World: A New Age” (2022).

On “Jurassic World” a slot of the same name. The slot offers a reunion with familiar characters, first and foremost the daredevil Owen Grady and the charming Claire Dearing. The slot has many ways to win, there are many features to discover, and with a bit of luck, high win amounts await. High-quality graphics and visual effects that stand comparison with the film are the icing on the cake of the slot machine.

“Planet of the Apes” – Prevolution.

The “Planet of the Apes” franchise is now a giant planet itself, making its rounds in the cinematic universe. However, the “Planet of the Apes” slot is not based on the film series, which starts in the late 1960s and ends in 1973 after four sequels. Nor is it based on Tim Burton’s 2001 reboot with Mark Wahlberg. Rather, the starting point for the slot machine is the first two films of the second remake, which focuses on the genetically enhanced chimpanzee Caesar: “Planet of the Apes: Prevolution” (2011) and Planet of the Apes: Revolution (2014). The fact that the slot does not address the third part of the reboot is due to the fact that it will be released in the same year as the film: 2017.

In terms of content, the game directly follows the originals. The popular characters, above all the charismatic ape leader Caesar, can also be found in the slot. The detailed game, which the software provider produced in cooperation with the film studio, has two sets of reels and a total of 20 paylines.

The Phantom of the Opera – Coloured Version (“The Phantom of the Opera”, 1925)

“The Flintstones” – modelled on “The Flintstones Family
Yaba-Daba-Doo – who doesn’t know Fred Flintstone’s famous whoop-de-doo from “The Flintstones” (original English title: “The Flintstones”). The animated series about the Stone Age families Flintstone and Ger√∂llheimer took the hearts of TV viewers by storm in the 1960s. The series has long since become a cult, a legend. Yippee-ki-yippee.

The characters are also the theme of “The Flintstones” slot machine. The turbulence of the Stone Age families rolls off the reels there. The slot is also visually based on the original, with the colourful, playful Stone Age world finding its stylistic counterpart in the machine. This ensures a high recognition value – Yaba-Daba-Doo.

“The Phantom of the Opera” – model: film musical “The Phantom of the Opera
At the beginning of the 20th century, the French writer Gaston Leroux wrote “The Phantom of the Opera”. The horror novel with the traditional “Beauty and the Beast” theme is filmed several times. The story about a disfigured young man who falls in love with an opera singer, however, achieved world fame through its musical version by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The melodies that the British composer came up with to portray the feelings of Christine and the Phantom are as catchy as the gruesome plot.

Music also plays an important role in the slot adaptation of the same name. However, the adaptation focuses less on Webber’s stage musical than on the film version of the material from 2004, with Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum playing the main roles. The soundtrack of the slot machine is taken from the film – and the slot is also visually cinematic. Like the original with its story and plot, the slot machine follows the original on the level of gameplay.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka” – model: “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (2005)
From book to film to slot machine is also the genesis of “Willy Wonka”. The children’s book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” by the British writer Roald Dahl is already hilarious. The film version with comedian genius Gene Wilder is hilarious, and finally director icon Tim Burton adapts the book in a colourful and grotesquely freaky way with Johnny Depp in the role of the whimsical chocolate factory owner

Willy Wonka.
The slot has adopted the charismatic hero in the slot machine, he is the lynchpin of the game. But there is also a reunion with the little boy Charlie, who wins a free ticket and gets to visit Wonka’s fantastic chocolate factory. Together with his grandpa, Charlie rolls sweets and other symbols over the reels.

“Big Bad Wolf” – modelled on “The Three Little Pigs

Slot machines whose “stories” are based on well-known fairy tales also have a recognition effect. When gambling, players feel transported back to their own childhood, when mum or dad read them the most adventurous stories from storybooks. This is also the case with the colourful and playful slot “Big Bad Wolf”. It is based on the funny and educational story of three little pigs from the classic fairytale “The Three Little Pigs” by Joseph Jacobs. The plot: Each of the three pigs builds a house. Two of them, however, are too comfortable for hard work and carelessly build their houses out of straw and wood. Because they turn out too windy, the big bad wolf manages to blow them down. Only the third little pig spares no effort. The wolf cut his teeth on his stone house. The moral of the story: hard work pays off.

What has the game taken from history? A slot classic that is played again and again. The three little pigs roll over the reels, just like the big, bad wolf. However, he does not signal any danger – at least not for the player. On the contrary, the wolves entice with free spins. If the wolf appears on the screen three times during the free spins, he blows down the houses of the little pigs and more free spins follow. In the process, the player can become the accomplice of the predator.

“Jack and the Beanstalk” – Modelled on “Jack and the Giants

The English fairy tale “Jack and the Beanstalk” is a timeless classic of the genre. The story of a poor boy who, thanks to five magic beans, reaches the fantastic land of the giants has already been made into several films, including “Jack and the Giants” from 2013. The slot conversion takes on the title character. The game is also visually and motivationally based on the enchanting story.