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A strategy simulation war game where legions of army duke it out and fight for glory.

Press, Reviews and Achievements

July 15, 2022 – Featured on Be the First to Play category on the Play Store

October 13, 2022 – “…a brand new Halloween-themed update introducing new units, spells, and more. –
June 18, 2022 – “…an upcoming army vs. army strategy war game… –

Game info

Release Date: Android (Now, Early Access), iOS (Coming Soon)
Platform: Android, iOS

Fantasy Legion is an army vs army war game where your choice of troops and their placement matters more than just brute force. Deploy archers, swordsmans, ninjas and many more into battle. Furthermore, how about deploying war machines which can always change the balance of a battle. Most importantly, don’t forget to deploy heroes to greatly aid you in battles.

Collect and upgrades dozens of cards featuring historical characters and troops such as Arthur the Lionheart, Leonardo Davinci and the English longbowmen. Tweak and create a deadly combination of army to bulldoze your enemies. Devise your own signature strategy from hundreds of different army combination to match your play style. Do you favor long range assassins or hand-to-hand tanks? It is all up to you. But, we know that you will enjoy watching your powerful legion crush the enemy!


  • Collect 40+ units and upgrade them
  • Build a customizable fantasy army to conquer your opponents
  • Collect runes to unlock special abilities of your units
  • Compete in multiple game modes with AI and real players
  • Build or join an alliance to trade cards and play alliance events
  • Collect skins to change the appearance of your army and profile.
  • Cast spells wisely and change the fate of a battle drastically.
  • 14+ leagues to look forward to and collect reward

What are you waiting for? March on!

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