Falling Animals

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Alessio De Luca Arcade Promoted Collection Unity

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Falling Animals by Alessio De Luca is an endless game where you control a falling animal to avoid enemies from platform to platform.


In this endless game you will be a animal and you have to avoid all the enemies and platforms to survive !!
Fight with bosses and try to defeat them using your powers !!
Collect gems to unlock the other characters and make your powers stronger !

User your left and right arrow keys on your keyboards to control the falling animals.


Falling Animals is a simple and cute endless game. The game immediately puts players as... well... as the title said it, falling animals. As the animal fall, players are expected to dodge certain things that can kill the enemies while at the same time try to collect red diamonds to spend in the store.

In the first glance, I thought that the game will continue to be played as the animals falling past platform to platform, but I was surprised to see the platform makes way to another type of gameplay that does not involve any platform. As to what it is, I shall let players experience it themselves so as not to give any spoilers!

Having said the good thing about the game, there are, however, improvement to be made for the game. For example, the game uses simplistic graphic which may turn off some players. Another thing is that the the game sometimes missing certain SFX that might have been better if it was included in the game.

Finally, some diamonds are just impossible to be collected as you are falling because it is sandwiched between 1 platform and 1 spiky platform.

Overall, the game is simply enough to be quickly picked up and play. Perfect for a 5 minute break in the office! I manage to get 146 in score in my third try. Can you do better? Comments below!

Falling Animals

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