Everything You Need to Know About Xur in Destiny

Everything You Need to Know About Xur in Destiny

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Destiny, the epic science fiction shooter, introduces players to a mysterious and enigmatic figure known as Xur. Appearing only on weekends, this elusive vendor brings with him a collection of exotic weapons and armor, tempting Guardians with powerful gear.

In this article, we will delve into Xur’s origin story, his role in the game, the enticing wares he offers, a list of some of the best weapons he has put up for sale, the reasons behind his constant movement, and tips on when and how to find him.

Xur’s Origin Story

Before we ask where is Xur, let’s take a look at his origin story first. The origins of Xur are shrouded in mystery, adding an air of intrigue to his character. In the vast universe of Destiny, Xur is a mysterious Agent of the Nine, a group of entities that remain enigmatic and largely unknown. It is said that Xur’s motives align with the mysterious Nine, and his appearance in the Tower or various locations across the system always sparks excitement among Guardians.

Wares for Sale

Xur’s inventory is a treasure trove for Guardians seeking to enhance their arsenal. From exotic hand cannons to formidable helmets, Xur’s stock rotates weekly, ensuring a diverse selection for players. Some of the most coveted items include the Celestial Nighthawk helmet for Hunters, the Sunshot exotic hand cannon, and the infamous Gjallarhorn rocket launcher.

Best Weapons Xur Has Sold

Over the course of Destiny’s history, Xur has presented Guardians with some exceptional weapons. Notable mentions include the Whisper of the Worm sniper rifle, the Sleeper Simulant linear fusion rifle, and the Thorn exotic hand cannon. These weapons have become legendary among the Destiny community, known for their devastating power and unique perks.

Constant Movement

One of the defining characteristics of Xur is his nomadic nature. Instead of remaining stationary, Xur relocates each weekend, visiting different locations across the solar system. This movement adds an element of mystery to his character and keeps Guardians on their toes, always anticipating where he will appear next.

When and How to Find Xur

To locate Xur, Guardians must keep a close eye on the game’s official channels or community resources. Every Friday, Xur makes his appearance, and players have until the weekly reset on Tuesday to peruse his inventory.

Various websites and apps track Xur’s location, making it easier for Guardians to find him. Once located, visit Xur to browse his offerings and spend your hard-earned Legendary Shards on the exotic gear that suits your playstyle.

Player Myths

In addition to Xur’s official role and lore within Destiny, there are several player myths and rumors that have circulated within the game’s community, adding an extra layer of mystery and speculation to this enigmatic vendor. Here’s a list of some popular player myths surrounding Xur.

● Xur Predictions

Many Guardians believe in attempting to predict Xur’s inventory each week. Various theories and patterns have been proposed, including the idea that Xur follows a specific rotation or that certain in-game events influence his stock. However, Bungie has maintained that Xur’s inventory is randomized, debunking these prediction myths.

● Xur’s Identity

Given Xur’s mysterious nature, players have speculated about his true identity and connection to the Nine. Theories range from Xur being a former Guardian to an alien entity with its own agenda. Bungie has maintained the ambiguity surrounding Xur’s origins, leaving players to form their own imaginative conclusions.

● Xur’s Influence on RNG

Some Guardians believe that interacting with Xur influences the game’s Random Number Generator (RNG), affecting their chances of receiving good drops in subsequent activities. While it’s a fun myth, there is no evidence to suggest that Xur has any impact on the RNG system in Destiny.


Xur’s presence in Destiny adds an exciting element to the game, giving players the opportunity to acquire powerful items and enhance their Guardian’s capabilities. From his mysterious origin story to the constantly changing inventory, Xur remains an integral part of the Destiny experience, leaving players eagerly anticipating his arrival each weekend.