Everything You Need to Know About the Famous Starburst Slot Game

Everything You Need to Know About the Famous Starburst Slot Game

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One of the NetEnt’s most enduring and popular classics, the Starburst slot game has attracted millions of slot players since 2012. Most slot fanatics can’t resist the game’s immersive graphics and exciting gameplay, not to mention the exciting features that come with it.

If, like many other players, you’re interested to find more about this amazing game, read on for more.

About the Starburst slot game

Starburst is a 5 reel, 10 payline slot aimed at players looking for an immersive and straightforward gaming experience. Managing to be both retro and futuristic at the same time, the Starburst game features beautiful graphics that are designed to take players on an interstellar adventure. Much like other popular online slots, Starburst consist of a series of shiny symbols that players must arrange in the right combination to win. Along with multi colored jewels, you can see classic casino symbols like 7s and Bars, as well as the powerful Starburst symbol.

One of the major reasons why Starburst is so popular is because it offers decent wins and you can usually tell when they’re coming by the high-energy music that prompts excitement and eagerness.

How to play

As Starburst has very simple rules to follow, it’s one of the easiest casino games to play. In fact, you can even start playing without reading the rules of the game.

Starburst opens up with immersive visuals and bright lights that captivate players almost instantly. Even the soundtracks are quite mesmerizing and enhance the high and lows that come with playing the game.

To get things started, all you have to do is choose your bet level and preferred coin value, followed by pressing on the “spin” button. An average Starburst game features 10 fixed paylines, and there’s an autoplay option that allows you to choose up to 1000 spins while you get the hang of the game.
After mastering the basic gameplay, you can deactivate the autoplay and go for more advanced options. Sometimes, the game automatically deactivates the autoplay feature if your current wins are beyond the initially specified amount.

About the paytable

As the Starburst play table is based on a few selected symbols, it’s quite easy to understand. In order to win big, you have to aim for the gold bar which overlaps a ringed planet in keeping with the futuristic space theme. Of course, there’s also the lucky 7 symbol that leads to higher payout sets.

After that, there’s a collection of sparkling jewels that come in different colours and shapes. As they’re placed on the top of the reels, they offer a plethora of winning combinations that can really help the novice player.

However, the most powerful and special symbol in the game is the multi-coloured Starburst icon which supersedes all other symbols on the reels. The Starburst symbol tends to show up on the three central reels and it’s the only symbol with the ability to activate the re-spins feature.