Everything Great About Horizon Forbidden West

Everything Great About Horizon Forbidden West

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Horizon Zero Dawn dropped back in 2017 and it was one of the best games of all time. Set in a futuristic, dystopian USA where a rogue AI has created killer machines, you get to play as Aloy who is destined to save Earth from further destruction. Even though the setting and gameplay are something that would make the game seem like it is set in pre-historic times, you would actually have to play the game to see how brilliant it is.

Five years later, in 2022 the game got a sequel called Horizon Forbidden West and we can easily say that the game is just as good as its predecessor was. In fact, the game was also a lot better in terms of a lot of things. If you are looking to play both Zero Dawn and Forbidden West on PlayStation, you can purchase and download both games from the PlayStation Store. All you need is a superfast internet connection such as Spectrum Internet to make sure that both of the games download as fast as possible.

Coming back to Forbidden West, here are some of the best things about the game that would compel you into playing the game as well. Make sure that you read all the way to the end for a hands-on review of the game. However, there are spoilers ahead so be sure to read with caution.

1. New Kinds of Machines in the Game

Since Aloy gets to travel to the far West, she actually comes across a lot of new machines that she has never seen before. One such machine is a Tremortusk which is just a mechanized Elephant with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Some other new machines in the game include Bristleback, Fanghorn, Scrounger, Tideripper, Widemaw, Sunwing, Spikesnout, and a lot more. You would have to progress through the game to see the new machines and fight them.

Another interesting part about the game is that you can finally use flying machines as mounts, meaning you can fly around in the game for better traversal. Taking the machines down can also get you parts that you can use to craft ammo or even synthesize new gear to help you in the game. You just need to be strategic about the way that you play the game.

2. Greater Advances in the Storyline

The game picks up really fast right after the events of Zero Dawn. At the start of the game, we see Aloy after she has defeated Hades and she is now looking for a way to protect Earth. She is still trying to restore GAIA and for that, she would stop at nothing at all. Aloy also meets some of her old friends along the way and she makes some new ones too. Every person that Aloy meets, she befriends them and all of them aid her in one way or another.

Aloy also comes face to face with a futuristic threat that is way above Aloy’s pay grade and she has a hard time fighting them as well. However, she fights tooth and nail against them so that she can protect Earth with everything that she has so that she can regenerate Earth back to its original state.

3. Aloy’s Growth as a Character

There is a lot of development that we get to see in the case of Aloy. Considering how the young lady has been termed as the Savior of Meridian ever since the events of Zero Dawn, we see that Aloy is a much more confident warrior now who will have her way no matter what. Regardless of whoever may be standing in front of her, even if it is the Chief of a tribe, Aloy does not take no for an answer because she knows that the fate of the Earth lies in her hands.

If you have played the first game, you would probably remember that Aloy used to be a timid girl who was cast out of her own tribe by the Matriarchs since she was not born of a woman and just randomly appeared on the Sacred Mountain. Now that Aloy is very well-known all over the lands, Aloy makes sure that everyone remembers who she is, establishing dominance wherever she goes.

4. The Addition of AI and their Significance

While Horizon Zero Dawn was centered around GAIA and HADES, that was not the case in Horizon Forbidden West. Aloy has to recover other AI that serve as sub-functions to GAIA so that Aloy can help reform the Earth. These AI include POSEIDON which is responsible for replenishing and filtering the water reserves of the planet. The other AI is DEMETER which is responsible for managing the flora of the Earth and making sure that all the plants grow as flawlessly as possible through remediation. The third AI subfunction is AETHER which is responsible for stabilizing the weather conditions and optimizing the atmosphere.

Using these subfunctions and adding them to GAIA would help Aloy in rejuvenating the Earth so that it is able to cater to life again and that is exactly what Aloy’s mission in the game is.

Wrapping Up

These were some of the reasons why Horizon Forbidden West has been one of the best games ever since it was released in 2022. So go ahead and play the game now so you can see how amazing it is!