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Arcade Halloween Promoted Collection WebGL

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Eatvasion is a game developed by JamCastle and published by Red Dog Studio

Reverse planes control with human-eating aliens. New game by creators of TimeCube! In this line drawing game you will navigate planes to crash into each other! This is why we’re calling it reverse planes control game.

Join the alien strike and use high-tech weapon to control human planes and rockets in this alien eating mission! Eat as many humans as you can before those pesky earthlings will destroy your UFO! Gain control over human planes, rockets and navigate them to crash into each other!

Join a new line drawing craze! Control human planes and rockets! Eat surviving pilots and collect data to crash Earth army.

Back in August when we did a Preview for Eatvasion, we had a perfect description for the game using a Star Wars reference.

Imagine that you are Darth Vader using his force to control incoming missiles to destroy hostile planes. You can also control and move enemy planes to make them collide with each other. As the pilots escape the explosion, it’s time for Sarlacc to gobble up the hapless pilots!

Despite a unique gameplay, Eatvasion allows you to be able to get into the game immediately. The game is intuitive enough that even if you skip the tutorials, you will still be able to figure out how to play the game within 1 or 2 tries.

As you progressed and gorge on humans, the game gets more and more frantic. Once you have consumed about 150 humans, the pesky earthlings will start to give you problems. The number of ships that is attacking you at once will increase and therefore, quick reaction, some strategy and luck will be required.

Overall, based on the reverse mechanic alone, Eatvasion is worth trying at least once. The control is tight, smooth and responsive. Eatvasion is a game to play in a short burst. However, we can't help it but to hope that the developer would add some mini-RPG elements into the gameplay in future updates to increase replayability.

  • Free video game replay recording via Everyplay
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboard
  • No promo button that appears after every 2 minutes of gameplay
  • Autotargeting rockets
  • Revive option
  • Much easier control with more challenging enemies