Earth Invasion Game

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Arcade Promoted Collection Unity

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Earth Invasion game is an arcade shooter game developed by Celescu who is responsible for SpitFire DogFighter game.

Developer's description:
Save humanity from the alien invasion. Pilot a prototype ship and defeat the invaders in several cities until the final victory in their lunar base. With a simple touch control, autotarget weapons, upgrade them and launch rockets. Avoid the planetary bombing, the feared spacial spiders and various aliens bosses. New Shoot 'em up game concept for Android devices Play and enjoy this toon picture alike game.

PlayPlayFun's Impression of Earth Invasion Game:
Earth Invasion is one of the more unusual shooter game. You don't have to do the shooting, instead you focus on controlling the plane. The bullets are will find their ways to the enemy ships.

There are quite a few upgrades and weapons available. I can't remember how many upgrades I took for my weapons, but it gets to the point that it is very powerful (see screenshots). I would imagine this game will be more fun to control in a touch screen device.

Earth Invasion Game