Dylan 2 Middle East by Retro Sublime Games is a unique Retro, Jumping, Arcade Platformer to score the Highest Points possible.

Attack Enemies, Collect Items, Reach the Top to Complete each Stage.

Make your way through the Middle East with this Unique Retro, Jumping, Arcade, Platformer, Scoring the Highest Points possible.


  • Shift = Jump
  • Control = Fire
  • Arrow keys = Movement

Dylan 2 Middle East is a sequel to the Dylan game, which is a climbing platformer game.

The objective is simple, you need to climb your way up on each level. Beware though, there are enemies who will want to stop you on your track. Shoot the enemies and collect the fruits that they drop to earn points. Reach the top and you move on to the next level.

Dylan 2 Middle East reminds me of the old console games from SNES and Sega Genesis, which is a good thing for me, being a fan of the golden era of gaming!

However, the game can use a couple of improvement. For example, there is no sound effect when you shoot and kill an enemy. It just turn into fruits. It can also have more polished animation for that transition.

Another point that I would like to mention is that your progress is not saved (at least not in the browser version). Once you use up all the lives, you will need to start over from the earliest level. It would be nice if there is a stage select after beating a country stage.

Overall, Dylan 2 Middle East is quite entertaining. Those who yearns for retro platformer game, you might want to check it out. Having said that, however, the game can use some work to further polish the User Experience.

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