Dungeon Dash game

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Arcade Promoted Collection Unity

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Dungeon Dash Game - Can you escape the ordeal that this gloomy dungeon presents? How far can you go? Test yourself in this addictive, action-packed adventure game in which you have to escape from the dungeon. Jump, double-jump, fly and dash your way out of the spooky dungeon by dodging spiky obstacles, while collecting as many coins as possible. Do you have what it takes to escape from the Dungeon?

PlayPlayFun's Impression on Dungeon Dash Game:
Having played the 2 levels that are available, Dungeon Dash game is shaping up to be a game that would appeal to arcade endless runner game fan. The graphics is simple, however it does its purpose to provide the creepy and unique feel that the game is intended for. Control is tight and crisp on the mouse.

I managed to unlock 1 character, however it does not have an indication of it to have any special abilities. It would be better if the game to have some documentation about the characters. Maybe an easy mode where the scrolling is somewhat slower might be a good idea to cater for more casual gamers.

Game Features

  • Highly Addictive Action-packed Thriller
  • Fast-paced Game-play
  • Easy and Simple Controls
  • Unique Graphics
  • Exciting Music
  • 8 characters to unlock
  • Free coins

Download the app version to take advantage of more features:
  • More levels
  • Facebook Share with screenshots

Dungeon Dash game