Duck’s Inferno

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Arcade Halloween Promoted Collection Unity

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Duck's Inferno by GROm Games is a fun and challenging Endless Runner game.

A sinfully good runner - Clear all Nine Circles of Hell!

Duck’s Inferno is a fun and challenging Endless Runner game. Fly through the nine circles of Dante’s Hell! Improve your finger agility dodging fatal blows and slashing demon hordes. Grab awesome prizes and win the epic battle against Evil!

The Legend
Prince of Darkness loves eating. No wonder Royal Duck stuffed with apples caught his attention. He wanted it so much, he left the underworld for our mortal realm. He got the perfect drake but it escaped and wants revenge! Help him clean the Hell up!

Key Elements:

  • Fascinating story and amazing diversity. Devil’s minions will try to pierce you with deadly spikes, throw bombs, fireballs and explosive rounds at you. Survive and strike back! Gather souls, transform to a mighty Monster Duck and clean the screen with a power blow!
  • Excellent design. Beautiful and detailed world will help you enjoy the game
  • Mighty powerups. Collect gold to upgrade your hell duck! Boost your health, attack speed and strength, get more gas.
  • EXTRA content!

Duck’s Inferno is an amazing world for real fans of adventures. Start slashing unholy monsters now!

Duck's Inferno is a marriage between a slashing action game with an endless jumper game. It's easy to fall in love with the game upon first impression due to the bright and lively graphics that it boasts.

The idea of the game is to jump and slash monsters while making sure that you eat enough fuel to keep climbing. In order to slash and destroy the monsters, you will need to align your jump with the monsters. Some monsters may require multiple hits before going down and some will even attack you. There are purchasable upgrades that you can buy with the money you earn to help you climb further and further into the circles of hell.

The control is simple and responsive. The animation is cute and fluid. I particularly dig the way the duck dies and become a roasted duck, yum!

However, there is one thing tha I would like to see from the game. I would like to see more monster varities and the availability of a much needed big bosses!

Overall, Duck's Inferno is a fun and highly enjoyable arcade endlesss game. Fans of the genre would find this game fresh and has plenty to offer.

Duck’s Inferno