Drayt Empire

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Drayt Empire by RPGVIDEO is an RPG game that follows the story of childhood friend Ronarke and Drayt who are on an adventure to seek out and find the lost forbidden City of Rahland.


Ronarke and Drayt Best Friends on an adventure to seek out and find the lost forbidden City of Rahland, On there travels they encounter many challenges they are faced with, which tests there friendship and strength to the point that Drayt finds love that makes him drift away from his long childhood friend , Drayt is Poisoned by love , he turns against his friends in anger , bitter hatred and thinks the whole world is against him , he builds an empire so strong to destroy all he believes is a threat.

Name: Ronarke
Age: 18
Stripped of his status. He wanders around protecting others and stays true to his code of honor.

Name: Drayt
Age: 19
A veteran warrior who fought on many battlefields. He becomes uncontrollable in battle when berserk

Drayt Empire uses similar game engine to Legend of the Phoenix. However, the graphics in Drayt Empire receive a big boost compared to Legend of the Phoenix.

Drayt Empire feels to be a much more polished RPG game and the battle system reminds me of Final Fantasy II and III series. The complains that I had for Legend of Phoenix has been rectified in Drayt Empire. There are better animations during attacks and special skills. Furthermore, the menu selection sfx is no longer a "ding"! Hoorahh!

However, I would like to see a map system that shows explored and unexplored part as it can get quite confusing inside a cavern or dungeon. Anothe point that I would like to raise for this game is that monsters in the battle should show their HP so that we can strategize best on how to defeat them. Finally, it would be nice if the characters can show attributes increment during level up!

So far, I am liking Drayt Empire. I will update this review as I have played more.

Drayt Empire

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