Dizzy Airlines

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Dizzy Airlines by Inner Rocket Interactive is an arcade game where you control an airplane that moves in a circle. It will surely make you dizzy!

Good afternoon passengers. This is your dizzy captain speaking. Welcome to dizzy flight. Currently we fly in circles, so if you feel dizzy, screen tapping is the cure.

If you see passengers on the islands, let me know if you want to pick 'em.

If you see incoming air traffic collision, scream as loud as possible, so we'll try evasion.

If you see fuel meter almost empty, be ready to leave airplane at airport.

Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy your dizzy flight. Thank you for choosing Dizzy Airlines.

Dizzy Airlines is a game where players use their plane to pick up passengers from various islands and bring them back to the main island (the one with the airport). It's as easy as it gets. But, the catch is that your plane will move only in an infinite circular loop unless you click on it to turn left and right.

Please read the tutorial for a quick briefing on how to play the game. You will need a few tries before you get used to the mystifying movement of the plane. Once you get a hang of the control, the game is endless as long as you keep on ferrying passengers to the airport and avoid mid-air collision.

After you are familiar with the game, you will start wondering and wanting more from this game. Here are my wishlist:

  • Special passengers
  • Power ups such as invincibility, collect all passengers in sight, etc
  • Unlockable maps eg. Warzone map where you have to avoid not only other planes, but missiles from below

Overall, Dizzy Airlines is a unique and simple arcade game with tons of potential!

Dizzy Airlines

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