Digger a Quest for Hidden Gems Demo

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Digger a Quest for Hidden Gems by Studio Craft is an innovative enhancement to the 3-match genre featuring an epic puzzle quest full of adventure and exploration.

***File Size is 140MB, loading time may take a while depending on your wi-fi speed

Embark on an epic puzzle quest full of adventure and exploration.

You play as Lily, a young archeologist who enters in her grandfather’s footsteps in a quest for the ultimate treasure, fame and glory.

This puzzle adventure uses the 3-matching mechanics, known from games like Candy Crush Saga or Bejeweled Blitz. By making combination of 3 or more items, Lily will be able to clear a path through different ground layers, in a search for rare Gems & Artifacts. To find the over 200 collectables our hero needs to explore 8 magic worlds and dig towards the center of the earth.

“Digger: a Quest for Hidden Gems” is an innovative enhancement to the 3-match genre. Most 3-matching games stick to a fixed field of elements and, each time a combination of 3 or more is created, they are removed and new elements are added to the field. Digger has a process based on the classic 3-match principles with a free roaming playfield, where the player can decide where to dig or how to solve the puzzles.

The game contains more than 200 Gems & Artifacts, some common and others very rare. It is up to the player to collect them all. Cracking all 120 puzzles will not be enough. New tools will open more possibilities and provide access to the new parts of the world.


  • Experience unprecedented freedom, never seen before in a 3-matching puzzle game
  • Find hidden doors and craft powerful tools such as power-drills and dynamite that help you to find secret worlds
  • Find over 200 treasures and helpful items that will aid you in your quest
  • Intuitive controls
  • Explore eight beautifully designed worlds and solve over 120 puzzles
  • Compare the value of your collection with your Facebook friends and try become the richest Prospector in the world!

Eight magical worlds await for players who are brave and skillful enough to explore them all. During her quest, Lily will face dangerous situations, but by unearthing and crafting powerful tools she can overcome any obstacle and claim the ultimate prize at the Earth’s center.

Please note that this is a demo version which may have a limited features and levels. Please download the full app version for a more complete experience.

Well, the developers have describe the game elaborately, so, I will jump right into the impression.

Digger a Quest For Hidden Gems uses a match 3 engine that has one major difference. When you match the tiles in the middle, the tiles on top of it, will not fall down to create chains. For those who are new to match 3 game, this will not cause any trouble, but for those who have been playing Candy Crush Saga too much, this may take some getting used to. It took a few levels for me to get used to this so as not to make assumptions that the tiles will fall.

Beyond this new match 3 mechanic, you will find a game that is truly fun. The idea of digging, collecting and selling treasure will remind you the fun time when you were kids playing treasure hunter on the beach digging on the sand. In addition to treasure, you will also find several types of abilities to help you reach the level goals.

Overall, Digger a Quest for Hidden Gems is a blast to play. This is one of those games that I intend to spend 30 minutes to review the game and ended up spending more than 1 hour only to play the game.

Digger a Quest for Hidden Gems Demo