Different Variations of Bingo Games Worldwide

Different Variations of Bingo Games Worldwide

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Bingo is a classic game that appeals to all age groups and has become an international sensation. This timeless game has seen many iterations, from hopping bingo halls to online platforms, all of which capture the distinct cultural quirks and player preferences. Let’s travel the globe to discover the several variations of bingo that have enthralled players everywhere.

Classic Bingo: United States

In the U.S., participants note the corresponding numbers on their cards after a caller draws numbered balls at random and announces them to them. To declare victory, the first person to finish a predefined pattern—whether it be a line, diagonal, or full card—screams “Bingo!” Although conventional bingo halls continue to be well-liked, players may now experience the excitement of the game from the comfort of their own homes and play bingo online.

Housey Housey (Housie): United Kingdom

Over in the UK, bingo is referred to as “Housey Housey” or just “Housie.” This game is very similar to the American version, albeit there are some noticeable variances. British bingo tickets are split into three rows and nine columns, and the game usually uses a 90-ball format. To win different rewards, players try to complete a line, two lines, or a full house. In British culture, Housey Housey is still very much alive and well. Bingo halls are lively gathering places where players congregate to enjoy the game and each other’s company.

Tombola: Italy

In Italy, there’s a unique twist to bingo called Tombola. A beloved Italian ritual that unites family and friends, tombola is played mostly during the holiday season, particularly around Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Tombola uses a deck of cards with numbers arranged in a grid in place of numbered balls. The participants mark off the corresponding numbers on their tickets when a caller selects cards at random. The game is a happy celebration of community because it’s frequently accompanied with holiday snacks and loud banter.

Bōken Bingo (Adventure Bingo): Japan

Bōken Bingo, or Adventure Bingo, is a bingo variant unique to Japan. The standard game gains interest and exploration from this dynamic modification. Bōken Bingo uses pictures or symbols that stand in for numbers to symbolize items, animals, and places. Finding these objects and crossing them off on their bingo cards requires players to go on an expedition, either virtually or in person. Bōken Bingo is a pleasant method to explore new places and experiences that appeals to both adults and children.

Sverigelotten: Sweden

Sverigelotten, or Swedish bingo, is a well-liked variant played in Sweden and other Scandinavian nations. This inventive take on the game mixes components from scratch-off lottery tickets and bingo. In order to uncover secret combinations, players purchase tickets with a grid of numbers and symbols that they must scratch off. Players must match the revealed symbols with the ones the bingo caller calls out in order to win. Sverigelotten gives the classic bingo experience a dash of suspense and rapid pleasure.


Bingo is a game that is as varied as the nations that play it, with varieties found everywhere from the vibrant American bingo halls to the warm, inviting Tombola parties in Italy and the daring Bōken Bingo in Japan. Bingo, whether it is played for fun or as part of a treasured tradition, continues to bring people together on all continents, break down boundaries based on language, and cheer up millions of people worldwide. Therefore, keep in mind that, no matter where you are, you are a part of a worldwide community united by a shared passion of this age-old game the next time you hear the iconic call of “Bingo!”