Different Types of Betting

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Betting on competitions has been around for centuries to the point that it is one of the biggest industries nowadays. It has also evolved into a more sophisticated and complex process, as you are rarely wagering against another person. Nowadays, you are betting against the house. It’s dynamic and fast-paced so players are always looking for more instant withdrawal casinos Canada for getting their money on the same day. Casinos are places where almost all types of betting are available such as on this best betting sites in uae.

Casino Betting

Casinos are the ultimate form of betting in Canada and worldwide, as you are participating in various games and speculating the outcome. You play against the house and other players as well, and you are well aware that odds are never in your favour. Casino players are actually in it for big rewards and want to play at a place that can secure those big prizes. For that reason, they look for the highest payout online casino Canada because the chance of winning while playing slots with high RTP is bigger. Preferably ones that allow cryptocurrency transfers, since it’s a secure and fast way to move funds while remaining anonymous if needed.

e-Sport Betting

Canada is one of the few countries that started supporting e-sports competition right from the beginning. This is why these events are now huge in Canada, and why a lot of e-sports betting options exist.

When it comes to e-sports these are some of the most common bets:

  • Match winner – betting which team will win the match
  • Tournament winner – Guessing which team will win the tournament
  • First map – which map will the players pick or be randomly picked for the match
  • First blood – Who will score the first kill in the match
  • Accumulator bets – Wagering on multiple esports events and multiplying the odds

Sports Betting

Sports wagering is one of the favourite hobbies among sports fans, and the wagers themselves really depend on the type of sport. It’s different for races, fighting, and sports where players score points. But there is always one bet that is always available, and that is who will win. The most popular sport is definitely soccer so some of the common bets are:

  1. Full-Time Result – placing wagers on a specific outcome
  2. Accumulator – same as with esports
  3. Total Goals or Under/Over
  4. Correct Score
  5. First Goalscorer


Basically, these types of wagers are the most common and most fun for punters all over the world. They are pretty straightforward and you don’t need to be a fan or expert to understand how they work or to win money.

Frankie Wilde – is a content writer at various gambling sites. Also, he is a passionate traveller and a great cook. Frankie shares informative articles with the world.