Diablo 4 Endgame Gearing Guide for Season 4

Diablo 4 Endgame Gearing Guide for Season 4

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In Diablo 4, achieving the endgame is thrilling, yet it marks the start of a fresh adventure. The climax is when your character can fully unleash their true abilities, and gearing up is crucial for this to happen. Season 4 brings a variety of fresh mechanics and systems in the “Loot Reborn” update, altering how players obtain and enhance their gear.

In Diablo 4, endgame gearing is essential for maximizing your character’s power and capabilities. Season 4 introduces significant changes with the “Loot Reborn” update, adding new mechanics such as Tempering, Masterworking, and updated itemization systems.

So, if you want to efficiently use the season 4 update for endgame gearing, you must follow a specific path, avoiding indulging in activities that yield no results in gearing and customization of the items. But you can also get a better gaming experience by buying cheap Diablo 4 gold.

If you seek an ideal companion to lead you through this journey, you’re heading in the right direction. This comprehensive guide encompasses all the essential steps, tips, tricks, and strategies you must adopt to effectively conquer the endgame content in season 4.

Understanding Gear and Equipment Slots

Understanding the gear system and equipment slots is necessary before proceeding with the gearing system. Regarding the equipment slots, there is standard gear, which all characters can equip up to 10 pieces of gear, including five armour pieces and three jewellery pieces (one amulet, two rings).

However, there are class-specific gears that you must take care of as well. Like, Barbarians can equip up to 12 items due to the Arsenal System (switch between 1-handed and 2-handed weapons). Similarly, Rogues can equip up to 11 items to accommodate both melee and ranged playstyles.


  • Gear can have sockets for gems, enhancing their capabilities.
  • Jewelry items typically have one socket, while other gear pieces can have multiple sockets.

Acquiring Gear

Acquiring gear is the most crucial part; if you know where to find the right gear, you can easily acquire it. There are so many activities for you to indulge in to acquire gear in Diablo 4. Detailed information about acquiring gear is listed down below:

Loot Sources:

  • Open World and Dungeons: Gear drops from enemies encountered in the open world and dungeons. Higher-tier enemies and bosses have a better chance of dropping quality gear.
  • World Bosses: Defeating world bosses can yield high-quality loot.

Endgame Activities:

  • Nightmare Dungeons: These dungeons offer increased difficulty and better rewards. They are ideal for obtaining high-tier loot and improving your glyphs. For nightmare dungeons, focus on dungeons with level 95 because they drop max level gear on the ground. Attempt tier 41 nightmare dungeons for level 95 monsters. Even if you can’t beat the boss, farming the elites in these dungeons will drop high-level gear.
  • Helltides: Special events that provide a high volume of legendary and unique drops. Focus on Baneful Altars within Helltides to maximize your loot.
  • The Pit: Similar to Greater Rifts in Diablo 3, this endgame activity provides Masterworking materials and guaranteed legendary drops upon completion.

Gear Rarity & Affixes

Gear rarity and affixes are interrelated. The rarity of gear decides how many affixes you can use. Affixes are additional bonuses that enhance the power of your gear. Below is a list of gear rarities and affixes to help you understand the gear system well.

Item Rarities:

  • Common: No special affixes.
  • Magic: One affix, can drop with a socket.
  • Rare: Two affixes, generally better than Magic items, can drop with sockets.
  • Legendary: Three affixes and one Legendary Aspect power, can drop with greater affixes on Ancestral rarity.
  • Unique and Uber Unique: Four fixed affixes with unique powers, very specific and powerful, often found in higher tiers.

Greater Affixes:

Greater affixes are 1.5x more powerful than regular affixes. Ancestral Legendary or Unique items in World Tier 4 have the chance to drop with up to four greater affixes. Items with greater affixes will have a distinct icon and sound upon dropping.

Optimizing Your Gear

Gear optimization is very important as it enhances gear quality while maximizing stats and affixes. Gear optimization will help you in various aspects during the battle, such as Combat effectiveness, Survival, Versatility, and Endgame progression.

There are a few mechanics that can help you optimize your gear. Tempering allows you to add up to two additional affixes to Ancestral items, making them significantly stronger. Masterworking improves the rolls on affixes up to 12 times, enhancing the stats and effectiveness of your gear. You can use the Codex of Power to ensure your gear has the desired Legendary Powers.

Additional Consideration

A few things you must keep in your mind before you step into gearing which are mentioned below:

  • Legendary items are key to powerful builds due to their unique Aspects and greater affixes. In World Tier 4, prioritize obtaining Legendary gear with the highest item power (up to 925).
  • Higher item power generally means better stats. Focus on upgrading your gear’s item power through endgame activities and crafting systems.
  • Legendary gear from monsters level 95+ will always have an item power of 925.

Use In-game Currency

You can buy Diablo 4 gold in game, which greatly help you in your gearing journey, so make sure you spend it well and in the right places and activities. Of course, Diablo 4 gold can help you a lot with everything from buying gear to crafting and enhancement.


In conclusion, mastering endgame gearing in Diablo 4 Season 4 is crucial for unlocking your character’s full potential. With the introduction of the “Loot Reborn” update, understanding gear slots, acquisition sources, and optimizing gear through Tempering and Masterworking is essential.

Giving priority to legendary items and making judicious use of in-game currency can significantly boost your gear progression. By adhering to these tactics, you’ll be fully prepared to overcome the trials of Sanctuary’s endgame content and emerge triumphant. Happy Gaming!