Devil Hunter by RPGVIDEO is an RPG game that is in the hunt to keep peace in humanity.

In this world, there exist strange things. Horrible things. Inhuman things. Some of these things are allowed to exist peacefully alongside humanity. They make an oath to bring no harm to us, so long as we in turn do not bring harm to them. And then, here are others. Those who refuse to abide by humanity's law. Some attack humans. Some take humans as slaves against their will. But whatever the case, those who seek to bring harm to humanity... Must be exterminated.

Devil Hunter plays similar to Drayt Empire. Please view the review for Drayt Empire for more information about the game.

The story in Devil Hunter is quite intriguing. I enjoy reading the whole story from beginning to start. However, Devil Hunter is, unfortunately, very short. You can beat the game within half to one full hour or less.

Overall, despite short, I enjoy Devil Hunter while it last. I would definitely would like to know more about this main character and why she is the way she is...

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