Death Cabin

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Arcade Flash Halloween

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Death Cabin is an endless action shooter game by chinykian.

Trapped in a cabin, you must kill as many hellspawns as you can! You start the game without any weapon, and thus must obtain a random weapon dropped into the cabin periodically.

A key component of the gameplay is the conservation of ammunition - the constant dilemma between eliminating nearby threats immediately or saving some bullets for when things get tough should keep the player on his/her toes. Should you run out of ammo, you will be left with no means of defense; at least, until the next weapon drops.

Death Cabin is an endless action shooter game that is done right. I like the fact that the weapon drop is a mystery. You don't know what you will get, but one thing for sure is that you need to make use the most out of the weapons available. Furthermore, there are enough weapons to keeps thing fresh. Sounds effects, graphics and animations are appropriate and adds value to the gameplay.

However, I feel that there are two things that I feel the game should have:

  • Saving and sharing of the scores
  • An indicator as when your current weapon will run out of ammo

In summary, I enjoy Death Cabin greatly and I highly recommend players to give this game a try at least once.

Note: Best played on FireFox with Flash Player installed. Some users reported that the directional keypad is not working on some Chrome browser. If you must use Chrome, please use AWD + X keys to play.

Death Cabin