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Dave the Knight is a simple tapping, dungeon explorer RPG game featuring the classic battle of good vs evil

Press, Reviews and Achievements

March 2nd, 2017 – …one of the best Android games released this year!! – AngryBeeGaming1
February 28th, 2017 – Consigliato agli avventurieri senza macchia con un Android in tasca – xantarmob.altervista.org

February 28th, 2017 – [Update: Game Released] Dave the Knight – droidgamers.com
January 26th, 2017 – Dave the Knight, an RPG/dungeon crawler coming soon to Google Play – droidgamers.com

Game info

Release Date: 28 February 2017
Platform: Android

The royal scouts have confirmed that the Dungeon of Despair is the source of all the dark creatures that have been terrorizing the kingdom. With such a formidable dungeon, notorious for its depth and darkness, spewing evil into the air, the King struggles to find a fighter worthy of the Knighthood to carry out holy cleansing of the Dungeon.

One day, a young man arrives before the King and pledge his service to rid evil from the Dungeon.

The King: “Brave fellow, identify yourself.”

Young Man: “I am Dave, the great great grandson of a Paladin whom fought during the cataclysmic uprising of darkness hundreds of years ago. My father died in the Dungeon when I was young. Since, I vowed to explore the dungeon and destroy whatever creatures dwell in the Dungeon.”

The King: “Dave the Fighter, henceforth, I shall grant you the title Dave the Knight. I command you to ride to the Dungeon with all haste. Go forth and slay the monsters for the Kingdom awaits your triumphant return.”


  • Randomly generated dungeon everytime you play
  • Numerous monsters to fight
  • 70+ stages to explore
  • Defeat various game bosses that require different strategies
  • Dynamic battles
  • Level up your heroes and learn new skills
  • Store and collect potions to be used when you need it most
  • Daily quests for rewards
  • In-game map for the dungeons for easy navigation
  • Enlist the help of your pet
  • … and more to be revealed

Release Trailer

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