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Arcade Promoted Collection Unity

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Darkland by Gudo Games is a challenging platformer game with one touch controller. No arrow or jump button, just move forward!

Mr.Fuz has lost into a strange dark land. He didn’t know why and how he could get there but the only way to get out of there is the gate. The gate will take him to another land. However, it’s not as easy as he thinks, there are many challenges that willing to beat him and then he will start from the beginning.

Darkland is a challenge platform game with one touch controller. It is a new type of platformer game. No need to use arrow, no need to use jump button, only touch to move forward. There are many levels for you. You only not move forward, but also fall down or even up or try to get through a lot of spike enemies.

Don’t worry about the death because the game is designed for playing. If you die, you can play again immediately. There is no game over or game result screen so you can play more and until you give it up!


  • Minimalist art style
  • More than 50 unique levels to play (only 20 available on this web version)
  • Simple gameplay with one-touch control
  • Two type of enemies: white box and white spike
  • Challenging, fun and easy to play
  • Global leaderboard with Game Center (only on the app version)

How to Play:
  • Touch and hold to move forward
  • Hit the wall to return backward

Hope you have a good time in this game! Have fun!

I like the fact that a minimalist game minimizes the game even further. Darkland remove the need for an arrow button and jump button because the game element does that for you. All you need to do is to touch to move forward, control your momentum and let the game do the rest for you.

However, don't be fooled. Simple control does not mean easy gameplay. Darkland is difficult. I started to struggle on level 5. However, it's good that Darkland does not end the game when you dies because, otherwise, it would have been too frustrating. It does, however, need a checkpoint so that you don't have to start from the very beginning of the stage whenever you dies, especially near the exit!

The graphic with its shadow style is above average for minimalist games while the music is surprisingly serene and relaxing to hear.

Overall, I played the first 11 levels on my first play through. I find myself wanting to see what challenges await me at the next level. I enjoy Darkland quite extensively and it definitely deserves more attention on the app store.