Da Box Hardest Easy Game Ever

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HTML5 Promoted Collection Puzzle

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Da Box Hardest Easy Game Ever by DonRIF Games is an easy to learn and hard to master puzzle-platformer, that'll help you up your finger dexterity and reflexes game!

Unleash the power of your finger in this game! It's one of those games where it's easy to take in hand, but it's one of the hardest controlling games ever!

You are controlling a glossy, white, not so transparent box (called "Da Box", thank you Captain Obvious!), lost in the cosmic space with stars, laser beams, saws, barb wires, etc...

How to Play:

  • Tap the screen to Jump
  • Tap a second time (and Hold), when in the air, to Fly
  • Move "Da Box" from the Black ground to the Red ground.
  • Collect stars to earn more coins.
  • Buy some Fuel with the coins you earn.
  • And most importantly: Enjoy!

  • 4 level packs, 60 levels available now (2 more packs coming very soon!)
  • Share your achieved levels on Twitter with a one tap Tweet!
  • Slowmotion Mode available when you fail 5 times in a row!

I reviewed quite a few minimalist puzzla platformer this month. Fortunately each one of them brings in something new to the game. Da Box Hardest Easy Game Ever also brings in its own flavor that makes the game somewhat unique. The key feature in this game is how you control the box. One click, it jumps. Double click, it will change from a box into a perpendicular and glides to the right on a slightly slanted up angle. Be careful when you do this as being a perpendicular means you are a little bit wider and hence might hit nearby obstacles immediately.

So, how do we get it to go back to the left? Yup, that's another thing that makes this game special. If you want to move back, you will need to find an arrow sign in the level and touch it. If you don't see a left arrow, that means on that level you don't need to go back in order to solve the level.

So, how easy is the hardest game ever? It's hard! How hard? Well, it's easy...

What I mean is that it is easy to learn. The few introductory levels are also easy to solve. I didn't fail until I get to level 8. At the later levels, the obstacles are quite punishing. Timing and patience are required.

Overall, I am glad that Da Box Hardest Easy Game Ever brings in a new element to the overcrowded minimalist puzzle platformer game. The game is particularly difficult in the higher levels. I can imagine tapping will less taxing to the wrist. So, playing this game on mobile would be a more ideal environment.

Da Box Hardest Easy Game Ever