CuteZilla Game

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Arcade Halloween Promoted Collection Unity

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CuteZilla game was developed in a Game Jam in 72 hours by SouthBox Game Studio, a small indie game studio in Brazil. The team consists of 2 programmers and 1 artist.

CuteZilla is an arcade game where you control a cute green dinosaur monster in an attempt to destroy a city block. You have 1 minute to destroy the city to score as many points as you can. It boasts an isometric style of graphics similar to Crossy Road and E5 games.

What impresses me about this game is how polish Cutezilla is, considering it is developed in only 72 hours! Now that's a talented game studio! Currently, the game is a stand alone. You can also download the PC version.

In a recent PlayPlayFun's interview with the developer, they reveal that they are currently thinking and planning a sequel of CuteZilla with many new features. That is truly good news as we can see that this game has a lot of potential!

CuteZilla Game