Cubiline Demo

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Cubiline is a new take of the classic Snake Byte game played on a 3D rotating and twisting cube.

Cubiline brings the classic game and apply a little twist to it, so have fun.

Bioludus' Crazy Alien Snake, reviewed sometime in October, was a fresh modernized version of Snake Byte. Today, Cubiline comes along and brings another rendition of the classic Snake Byte. This time, it is done in a way that we have never seen it before. It is done in a minimalist 3D gameplay.

Currently, it is only a browser demo version which features a local 2 players version.

The 3D minimalist look in Cubiline works perfectly. It is clear, smooth and easy to see what's going on in the cube. The twisting and turning can sometimes be mesmerizing. It is also cool to see your friend's snake slithering around as you explore the cube.

Instead of apples from the original Snake Byte game, Cubiline throws in some colored cubes to consume. Different color cube will give you different point value and you are to work together with your friend to collect as many points as possible. There is a current leaderboard for the game that you can view and compare yourself.

Overall, Cubiline got to be one of the finest Snake Byte remake we have ever played. We can't wait to see the full version of the game when it comes out on mobile! This is one of the games that I highly recommend to try!

Cubiline Demo