Cube Jump Dash

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Cube Jump Dash by Anqa Game is a game about timing, reaction and concentration. It may be simple, but it is challenging for all players!


Jump and dash your way through a colorful world...

Enjoy the 8-bit retro soundtrack and keep the cube on its way. You're gonna need excellent timing, reaction and concentration skills. It's very simple, yet a challenging game. Witness thousands of soldiers sacrificing themselves in a single battle while legendary warlords, crushing rich and economically advanced kingdoms form powerful alliances or fighting each other for total world domination.

  • Simple one touch control
  • Colorful minimalist design
  • Time based score system
  • 3 endless and random levels

How to play? Just relax and wait for the right moment to tap and don't get stuck. And if you jump too high or fall you lose then too!


From the creator of Quad Maze, here comes another arcade game that looks deceptively easy! So, the main idea of the game is to time your bounce just enough so that you bounce of the top or bottom slanted pillars. Do not let is slide off the pillars or it will be all over.

The game is colorful and, on the first impression, players might think that the colors have something to do with the gameplay. However, after playing the game for more than 10 rounds, we do genuinely believe that the colors are just eye candies as it does not affect the outcome the action in the game.

Although the game has an element of Flappy Bird mechanic in it, it feels different enough that we do enjoy playing the game. The game gives off a feeling that it is so simple that you should be able to do a lot better than you did. We keep asking ourselves why we can't even cross more than 1 minute mark during our first several attempts!

There are 3 difficulty levels available to play. The levels are well represented by our scores after numerous tries Easy (46s), Fair (20s), Hard (12s).

Overall, we enjoy Cube Jump Dash. It is simple and yet challenge as per described by the developer. It is a good game to fill up your boring time in the office for a few minutes of gameplay. Just make sure that you do not throw anything out of frustration!

Cube Jump Dash

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