Crystal Stacker by Positive Jet is a puzzle game where players is required to stack various blocks and shapes without dropping any of them.

The challenge - to build without dropping blocks. Great workout for the brain and the killer boredom.


  • 75 interesting levels
  • 3 of the world with its own characteristics
  • relaxing music
  • relaxing graphic

Crystal Stacker reminds me of Cover Orange game series. It has a similar gameplay albeit a different goal. Unlike Cover Orange, the goal of Crystal Stacker is to stack up all the given blocks without tipping or having any of the blocks drop.

The game starts out too simple with only one block to stack. However, the difficulty quickly shoots up on the second stage where you have to find a way to stack and balance several blocks. This is definitely a game of trial and error. There are some strategy and imagination required in order to plan ahead.

Having a touch screen would help to arrange the blocks better and more precisely. So, if you like this game, I would suggest download the app version.

Overall, with more than 75 levels to play, Crystal Stacker is a solid puzzle stacking game. I definitely have lots of fun playing and stacking the blocks!