Crusaders of the Lost Idols Game is developed by CodeName Entertainment.

Hail Crusader! Lead your team on a quest for glory and idols! Find the best position for The Bush Whacker and click your heart out! Or maximize your formation buffs to idle and earn the most gold!

Multi-buy buttons:

  • Shift for 10
  • Ctrl (Command on Mac) + Shift for 25
  • Ctrl (Command on Mac) for 100

Hot Keys
  • P – Bring up your play history.
  • G – Toggle Auto-Progress (after 1st reset)
  • F- Full screen on and off
  • Q,W,E – switch saved formations
  • 1-8 – use the Crusader abilities

We save to our server, so you can play anywhere as long as you’re logged into the same account. =)

Kill monsters to collect gold. Upgrade your heroes to unlock new abilities or skills to buff damage. Kill bosses to collect treasures. Get stronger and move through the levels.

Buy the Reset skill to complete your current objective, or to gain more Idols. Preview what you’ve earned by clicking the button. Hit “Confirm” to reset and get your Idols or close out to keep getting player levels.

In order to choose new objectives, you need to reset and select from the Campaign selection screen.