Crazy Time Game Show – Profitable and Easy Entertainment for Modern Gamblers

Crazy Time Game Show – Profitable and Easy Entertainment for Modern Gamblers

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What is a Crazy Time game show?

One of the modern gambling entertainments today is considered to be Crazy Time. This is a non-standard game, which is a show with a real presenter and many participants. Online Crazy Time is offered in all modern casinos, as a kind of gambling. The game was developed by Evolution Gaming, which means its high quality and performance.

Features Of the Game Crazy Time at Online Casino

Although gamblers have access to Crazy Time casino free play, it is much more interesting to play it for real money. To do this, the user must register on the site, make a deposit and then be able to make real bets. The very process of the game is that the player makes a bet on one of the sectors of the spinning wheel. After that, the presenter starts this wheel and the section on which the arrow stops will be the winning one.

(Main Wheel of Crazy Time Game Show)

Detailed rules of how to play crazy time game show can be found on the official website. They describe that the gambler is not limited in the number of bets available to him/her, and he/she also has the right to choose how much to bet. The wheel features sections 1, 2, 5, and 10, as well as four bonus sectors.

Crazy Time Bonuses

It is profitable, varied, and much more interesting to play in Crazy Time casino USA due to bonus options. Bonuses are designed for a more active and exciting game, and also provide an additional opportunity to win. In total, the game offers 4 bonuses, each of which determines its winnings. The bonus features are considered to be:

  • Cash Hunt – selection of a random multiplier. The player’s attention is offered to the screen, which is covered with 108 symbols. Each of them has a hidden multiplier. The task of the user in Cash Hunt Crazy Time is to choose a certain symbol for himself/herself and win the coefficient that is under it.
  • Pachinko – a wall with stakes. Unlike the Crazy Time Cash Hunt round, there are 16 multipliers under the pegs. The host launches the ball, which lands on one of the values. It will be victorious for the player and will determine the future fate in the show, as well as indicate the exact amount of winnings. The maximum prize for a participant in this round can be x10,000.
  • Coin Flip – tossing a coin. There is a red and a blue side of the coin, which the contestant chooses before tossing. Each of the parties has different multiplier coefficients. If the player’s choice turns out to be correct, then the Coin Flip Crazy Time round will bring him/her an increased prize concerning the bet.
  • Crazy Time – is an additional wheel. Evolution Gaming company confirms that this bonus gives the most unpredictable Crazy Time live result. The show moves to a new stage in which the host spins the wheel with a huge variety of sections. The user selects before that one of the three labels and catches the multipliers. The maximum you can win in this bonus is x20,000.

To play the most profitably and conveniently as possible, the best strategy Crazy Time is important. Experienced users prefer to choose several different types of bets at the same time. One of them is small, which, if won, will beat off the rest. Many people focus on bonus rounds and often win at their expense of them. It is impossible to win the multiplier and the bonus at the same time, therefore, in any case, the participant loses one of the bets if he/she makes two of them.


Modern, unique, and profitable game Crazy Time won the hearts of gamblers. The Crazy Time list of rounds consists of 4 bonuses, and the spinning wheel includes multipliers and bonuses. The entertainment has a special design, high multipliers, and simple controls.


Is Crazy Time a fair game?

Yes, this entertainment is regularly checked by the relevant authorities for the issue of fairness of accrual of winnings. You can also always view the live tracker Crazy Time and make sure that this game is honest.

Is Crazy Time available for free?

Everyone can try out the Crazy Time game in demo mode without the right to count on real prizes.

How much can I win in Crazy Time?

The amount of winnings directly depends on the user’s bet. The maximum player can get is x20,000 for winning the Crazy Time bonus round.